How to Find and Redeem Anthem Pre-Order Items

Anthem pre-order items are with the game’s Legion of Dawn edition that includes Legendary Armor, Weapons, and soundtrack. Here’s how to redeem them.

BioWare’s Anthem comes with Legion of Dawn DLC for those who pre-ordered the LoD Edition of the game. It goes without saying but all the pre-order items for Anthem are completely cosmetic and does not impact the game in any meaningful way.

Those of who pre-ordered Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition, you can customize your Javelins in a variety of different ways. Read on to learn how to find your pre-order items in Anthem.

Pre-Order Items in Anthem: Legion of Dawn

Once you are done with Character Creation and everything, head to the Fort Tarsis where you will be provided with a few simple missions to complete.

Missions like “Lightning a Fire” are fairly easy Fetch Quests that should not take you long to complete.

The mission essentially involves harvesting three Uncommon Embers from minerals or loot them from the enemy camps. After you have done so, head back to the Fort Tarsis and speak with Prospero in order to unlock the game’s Vanity Store.

Vanity Store is where you can purchase things such as weapon components, cosmetics, and a whole lot of other stuff.


Anyway, after opening up the Anthem Vanity Store, open up the “Rewards” tab and you will get all your pre-order DLC items from there. Owners of Legion of Dawn can obtain the game’s digital soundtrack, Legion of Dawn Armor Pack for three Javelins, and a weapon.