Final Fantasy XV Release Date Announcement Coming at Gamescom 2015?

While all the Final Fantasy excitement is aimed at the Final Fantasy VII remake right now, there are still many waiting to find out when Final Fantasy XV will finally get a release date. It looks like we may be getting the answer to this soon.

User @RedMakuzawa on Twitter, posted this on Twitter:

Stating that Square Enix President Yusuke Matsuda told Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine that he will be releasing details on the global release of the game “soon.” This may raise the hope that we could be hearing about this at Gamescom 2015 where the game is expected to be featured. As it didn’t make an appearance at E3, this would be the next perfect opportunity.

For many who tried the demo, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae they are no doubt eager to see what is coming next. Only given a taster of the game and the lack of any real news, especially at E3, has left them wanting to know more.

With Yusuke Matsuda looking for a global release this does show the importance of the game to Square Enix, and an understanding of how popular the Final Fantasy games are to the fans. Though overshadowed somewhat by the news of the Final Fantasy VII remake, Gamescom 2015 is the chance for this game to steal back some thunder. Unless of course we get hear some more details about the remake.

Are you still looking forward to Final Fantasy XV? Let us know your thoughts below.

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