Final Fantasy XV Magic and Combat Shown in Gameplay Video

In light of all the stuff that has been thrown our way by Square Enix, we are sure of this much that Final Fantasy XV is shaping up to become a worthy successor of the franchise. This latest gameplay video featuring the Final Fantasy XV magic and general combat skills sure confirms that.

The developers have allowed for another chunk of gameplay to be released for the game, this time featuring some pro level play.

Final Fantasy XV Magic and Combat at High Level

Folks at IGN have published the video that features Noctis taking on enemies with a very high level of combat skills and a lot of magic.

The entire video lasts for only one minute and forty seconds, but it is a compilation of different clips which allows a large number of Final Fantasy XV magic skills and combating maneuvers to be shown off. The vombat surely is pretty fast paced.

Looking at this video, and knowing that the developers once thought Final Fantasy was a dying IP, makes you feel incredulous. However, the game still is a make or break deal for the entire series because so much resources have been put into it.

The developers of the game are forecasting really huge revenues from the game, and since we know of teenagers who were toddlers when the game was announced, and elders who were teens at the same time, I hardly doubt the sames would by anything less than millions.

Final Fantasy XV is slated for release on September 30, 2016, finally, and we cannot wait to get our hands on the game and see what comes out when a game has been in development for a decade or so.

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