Final Fantasy XV Crestholm Channels Dungeon Guide – Dungeon Location, Loot, Boss Battle Tips

Final Fantasy XV offers players a number of things to in-game including various dungeons you can explore. Each dungeon comes with plenty of loot and Final Fantasy XV Crestholm Channels Dungeon is no different, but to get to it you need to be prepared to face a boss who will test your skills.

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Final Fantasy XV Crestholm Channels Dungeon

The following guide will discuss Final Fantasy XV Crestholm Channels Dungeon:

Crestholm Channels

Region: Leide

Location: The area is locked on the map and you can only enter it once you complete chapter 7. We recommend at least level 50 for this dungeon. You need to revisit the Crown City parking spot but be careful as there are plenty of enemies here this time around.  To your right there is an open door near the fence.

Go through the door and move along the path until you reach the sewer entrance, which is also the entrance to the dungeon.


Loot: Auto-changer accessory.

Once you enter the dungeon. go left until you reach the stairs. Go up the stairs and up there you will find 1/4 generator. You need to turn on 4 generators to unlock the door to the boss.

Come back down to find two level 44 Bussemands, kill the enemies and proceed forward to find a Red Choker through a small passage. Red Choker will increase your HP.

Look for a pipe nearby and drop down into a room that is filled with level 35 Gelatin and the Busemands. A level 46 ronin Yojimbo will also appear in the same location so make sure you are at least level 50. Clear the entire room and head forward before going left and reach the upper the level. Drop down into the room to find the second generator for the boss room.

Go back to the first room on the lower level once the second generator is online. Go left from this location and slide down to the room before the boss. Take down the monsters in this area and move forward. One of the members of your party with point out that this is the only way down.

Be prepared as you are about to encounter a mini-boss in the area ahead. You are about to face a level 49 Nagarani that has the ability to turn you and your party into toads so make sure you need to be wearing a Moon Pendent.  The battle area is small which makes dodging its attacks a little difficult.

We recommend using aerial attacks as much as possible against this enemy.

Once you manage to take down the boss, reach the area above the boss arena by climbing the ladder. Go across the sewer pipe via the ledge in this location. You will enter a room that is filled with level 39 Ereshkigal mobs, this is also the room for the final boss fight.  Clear the room and look for a Blood Sword that will suck the HP out of dead enemies.

Climb up the ladder to reach a room with another mini-boss. Kill the boss and go to the ladder to reach the Nagarani boss room again. Go up the ladders to reach the third generator.

Open the door nearby to reach the crossroads, going left will take you to a locked room that leads to the beginning of this dungeon. Go straight from the crossroads to reach a fence. Jump over it and go down the stairs find the fourth and final generator.

Go back to the final boss fight room to face Jormungand.

The boss looks like a giant dragon and won’t be easy to take down. The good news is that dodging his attack will be relatively easy as the area size is bigger this time around. Avoid getting too close to the boss as he may deal fire damage. It is best to use gear that will protect you from fire damage.

Study his attack pattern to make is easier for you to deal damage.

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