Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Royal Sigils Guide

In this Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Royal Sigil Guide, we will guide you on the Royal Sigils that you can collect in Final Fantasy XV. These sigils grant you different additional powers so it is vital that you collect these sigils and equip them.

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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Royal Sigil

We have curated this Comrades Royal Sigil Guide in which we have listed all the Royal Sigils that you can find and equip, where you can find them and what bonuses they offer in the game.

The Oracle Sigil: Healing Light
This sigil increases the health points that you get after healing magic and range. It increases your Magic Points (MP) by 200% at the cost of 20% decreased physical stats. Furthermore, it gives you Healing Light in place of your Curative Spell.

It can be obtained within the starting missions of the game; the ones where you try to exit Lestallum.

The Warriors Sigil: Untouchable
This sigil increases your HP by 30% at the cost of 30% decreased defense. It also adds 20% to your magic. It protects you from a dodge by adding a special Vacuum Wave ability. Taunt an enemy by holding down parry while close to them and if you parry right as they attack, it will suck the target and the enemies present nearby into a vacuum.

Head to Lestallum and then to Narcie Haven. From there, you need to go to Sothmocke Haven and then straight to Power Station Pylon. It can cost you up to 30,000 Kilowatts.

The Wanderer’s Sigil: Cheer
This sigil allows you to boost positive status effects on your allies by cheering them. It also increases HP by 40%, MP by 20% and defense by 20%. When you cheer, you raise your fist up in the air and perform a fist bump. A unique buff is granted to your allies for each fist bump. You can provide them five maximum boosts.

To unlock it, head to Lestallum and then to Alkyrie Haven. From there you must head to Mybrum Haven and then finally to Royal Tomb.

The Rogue’s Sigil: Aerial Ace
This sigil allows you to have 30% more MP, strength, and spirit. It also gives access to midair attacks with increased damage and increased defense. This means that you it’ll stop you from harshly falling to the ground after an attack. Instead, you gently float down.

To unlock this sigil, you need to head to Meldacio Hunter HQ and then to Capitis Haven. From there head to Power Station Pylon and then to Royal Tomb.

The Pious Sigil: Multicast
This sigil allows you to cast two offensive spells one after the other. This costs more MP but you also get increased MP recovery rate with the sigil.  Your HP and strength will be decreased by 30% but your magice will be boosted by 70%.

To unlock this sigil, head to Old Lestulum and then to South-West Pylon. From there head the Telghey Haven and then finally to Pylon Tomb to get this sigil.

The Just’s Sigil: Omniguard
This sigil increases HP and defense by 30%, and MP by 50%. It also surrounds your character with a defensive blockade and makes performing parries much easier.

To unlock this sigil, travel towards the south of the Warrior’s Sigil and Lestallum.

The Tall’s Sigil: Aura
This sigil increases HP by 20%, strength by 70% but decreases magic by 50%. Aura allows you to charge up your power and give yourself a nice boost to your physical abilities. It’s basically a counter to the Multicast sigil.

Head down to Galdin Quay on the power grid map and you’ll get it on your way there. It’ll be the final one you get before arriving at Galdin Quay.

Most of the Sigils released as part of the 1.20 content in Final Fantasy XV require you to have a good Chocobo to get them. The optimal stats for your Chocobo are 120 Stamina, 130 Jump and 50 mph Top Speed.

The Clever’s Sigil: Spectral Arms
This sigil increases strength, defense, magic and spirit by 20%. The special ability spawns an Armiger which selects one of the following magic or physical attacks at random:

  • Fira
  • Blizzara
  • Thundara
  • An AOE Heal
  • Meteor
  • Gladiolus’ Tempest
  • A Javelin throw
  • A Katana slice

Travel North of Galdin Quay to get this sigil.

The Wise’s Sigil: Dragoon Drain
This sigil gives a 30% boost to strength and defense at the cost of a 50% reduction to MP. Its two main abilities are Lancet and Jump. Lancet allows you to siphon Hp and MP from a target and Jump just makes you jump up into the air; but it doesn’t lock onto a target.

Make your way towards the North-East from the Norduscaen Garrison. Do note that you must finish the ‘Urgent Mission: The Menacing Mechs’ to get to the node which takes you to the tomb.

The Conqueror’s Sigil: Elemancy
This sigil increases magic and strength by 30% at the cost of 30% reduced defense. It puts the surroundings into an elemental state, which depends on the element or spell the weapon in your hand is set to.

For example, if the weapon in your hand has a fire spell on it, the environment will become fire-elemental, meaning this element will be applied to your attacks.

From the Dragoon Drain Sigil, travel towards the North-East and you’ll find it just outside of the Norduscaen Garrison.

The Fierce’s Sigil: Rampage
This sigil increases defense and HP by 50% at the cost of 70% decreased magic and spirit. As this is a Melee Sigil, Martial Art attacks will take place of your Warp-strikes, Offensive Spells and Charge/Power Attacks.

Travel towards the South-West section of the map and you’ll find this sigil towards the West of Old Lestallum.

The Mystic’s Sigil: Graviton
It increases defense and magic by 30% at the cost of 20% decreased MP. The Black Hole ability lets you spawn a Black Hole which sucks enemies in and huddles them together, delivering a hefty amount of damage to all of them at once.

It can be found towards the South-West of the Norduscaen Garrison, right at the Titan’s Crater.

The Father’s Sigil: Revilatize
This sigil will boost your magic and spirit by 30%, and your MP by 20%. The Revitalize ability is cast and maintained by holding down the command buttons. It is a heal which sacrifices your maximum health pool and decreases it until there is only a small part of it left.

This sigil is given as a reward when you defeat the final boss of 1.20.

The Founder King’s Sigil
This sigil is only available in the FInal Fantasy XV Royal and Windows Edition. It enables Armiger Unleashed.

It can be found in the northern part of Leide, close to Keycatrich. After you gather 13 Royal Arms, interact with the statue of the Founder King to get it. You can only get one

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