Final Fantasy XV Combat: Gambit System, Monster Climbing and More

Final Fantasy XV developers recently discussed features like Gambit System from FFXII and monster climbing like Dragon's Dogma.

It is a fact that when you are talking about the latest iteration in one of the most popular franchises, there are going to be tons of expectations and tons of questions. In the case of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix mixed the two together in a Q&Q session recently.

Two important things were discussed, firstly the possibility of a Gambit System and secondly monster climbing in case of gigantic enemies.

A lead game designer and AI programmer for the game, Prasertvithyakarn Prasert responded to a question about the possibility of having a Gambit system just like FF XII. He confirmed that there was a system but different from Gambit. It sounds promising in itself, though:

We have created a system for FFXV where the player can decide the battle style that they and their comrades use, although this takes a different form to the gambits in FFXII. This will be revealed at some point in the future so look out for further information.

Secondly, the developers of Final Fantasy XV were asked whether the game was going to bring something like Dragon’s Dogma’s monster climbing where individual body parts of the enemy could be reached and attacked. This time, Yuji Kenichiro, a lead game designer and combat planner responded:

There is a gameplay mechanic where you can debilitate enemies by destroying parts of their anatomy and it plays an important role in battle.

It is possible to make these kinds of attacks against specific areas on gigantic monsters by either striking them directly using the warp ability or by positioning yourself by the enemy’s vulnerable spots using parrying actions against their attacks.

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