Final Fantasy XV Cactuar Needles Locations Guide – A Better Crossbow, Upgrade Crossbow

Through their journey in the world of Final Fantasy XV, players will receive multiple quests to upgrade their gear by bringing in rare items. One such quest is A Better Crossbow, given by Cid (the old mechanic) at the Hammerhead Outpost. Upon completion of the quest, players will receive an upgrade for Auto Crossbow which can be used by Noctis as a weapon.

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Final Fantasy XV Cactuar Needles Locations

The quest will require players to find Cactuar Needle and bring it to Cid so the Auto Crossbow can be upgraded. While there isn’t just one place to find a Cactuar Needle, there is an extremely easy way to find spots which the players can visit and ensure that the rare item isn’t really rare.

Perhaps the best area to find a Cactuar Needle is near Risorath Basin. Players will need to talk to the Tipster in Meldacio Hunter HQ, north of Lestallum, to mark important nearby locations on the map. The tipster will mark multiple treasure locations, one of which has Cactuar Needle.

Once the locations have been marked, players need to head towards Risorath Basin. After passing over the nearby bridge, they need to go left of the highway and climb atop a big rock. The Cactuar Needle should be located on top of the rock.

If players aren’t interested in looking for the Cactuar Needle in this place, they can try their luck throughout the other places by talking to different tipsters and then visiting the marked treasure locations.

Once the Cactuar Needle has been found, players can return to Cid and upgrade their Auto Crossbow. It is advisable to keep any other Cactuar Needles they find in the inventory as the item itself isn’t worth a lot of Gils but can be used to upgrade various weapons. Since they are a rare item, finding them later for other upgrades isn’t going to be easy

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