Final Fantasy XV Boss Battles Discussed by Game Director

As its release date approaches, some more information about Final Fantasy XV boss battles have surfaced from Square Enix. Game director Hajime Tabata discusses bosses which Noctis and friends will be tackling throughout their journey.

During the E3 footage, Final Fantasy XV boss battles were shown to be huge events. The bosses took up more space than the entirety of the game screen! In a recent report by Gamingbolt, Hajime talks about the variety in those battles.

According to him, there isn’t just one way to take down a specific boss. Players can build their own strategy and go after every boss however they please. They can also follow the set of instructions the game provides them and defeat the bosses in a certain guided way.

This might be or might not be the best way to defeat a boss but the choice is still up to the players.

From the looks of things, freedom and player choice seems to be the key selling point for Final Fantasy XV. Whether it’s freedom of movement through the world i.e. traveling through car or chocobos through the open world map or whether it’s real time or turn based combat, players seem to have full choice and control over their play style.

There will however be some limitations in certain scripted situations where players are forced to adapt to certain play style but hopefully those are limited.

With the new battle system in place, some are still skeptical about the success of Final Fantasy XV. There is however some good news for those more in the favor of the traditional turn based fighting system as the game will allow players to pause and set up their strategies during battle.

Frankly, the boss battle shown during the Microsoft E3 conference was the most underwhelming part of the game for me but if Hajime’s words are true and that really was a very early build of the fight, the game might be worth a pre-order after all. The rumors of a reversible box art only further help solidify that decision.

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