Final Fantasy XIV Director Would Jump at the Chance to Create Diablo 4

Final Fantasy XIV Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida hopes for crossovers with Diablo and World of Warcraft. Speaking with PlayStation Magazine, he revealed that Diablo and World of Warcraft are at the top of his list for FFXIV crossovers.

He considers himself a “fanboy” of Blizzard games. In fact, Yoshida would love the opportunity to work on Diablo 4. While discussing FFXIV crossovers he shared his desire to work on Diablo 4.

Oh, by the way, if Blizzard ever approached [me], you know, saying ‘Oh, hey, we want you to take the reins to develop Diablo 4,’ oh, I’m gonna drop everything I’m doing and I’m gonna go for it.

Final Fantasy XIV had a successful crossover with Final Fantasy 15. The MMO is seeing an uptick in audience growth. Of course, Diablo crossover can help further boost its popularity in MMO circles. The developer launched its latest expansion, Shadowbringers. The amount of content and story available in the game can be overwhelming for newcomers.

Yoshida has some advice for these players.

The advice that we would want to give is not to sort of getting head-heavy and like input a lot of information into your mind before starting because Final Fantasy XIV does offer a free trial that people can try out. Rather than trying to get book smart about the game or have other people dictate what to do I think it might actually be best for the players to find out themselves by trying the game out.

Final Fantasy XIV offers a free trial and Yoshida encourages you to give it a shot. Considering how much content there is right now it is true how it can be overwhelming for newcomers. But at the same time, hardcore MMO fans love this sort of situation.

As for Diablo 4, the game is in development and Blizzard recently showed the title to French employees. It is speculated that Diablo 4 announcement is coming this year at BlizzCon 2019. The company is also hiring new workers to develop the next Diablo game. Yoshida can certainly get in touch with Blizzard for a position in the team.

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