Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox One Listed

Fans of Final Fantasy games on Xbox One will be pleased to know that Square Enix may soon unveil Final Fantasy VII Remake for Xbox One. Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox One was spotted on EB Games, one of the most popular online retailers.

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Here’s the listing with a placeholder price tag:

It has already been confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox One is in development. However, Square Enix has been silent on the matter, not sharing any information. PlayStation 4 is the lead platform for the remake and Sony has an exclusive deal with Square Enix. We probably won’t be hearing much about the Xbox One version until its PS4 counterpart is out in the wild.

Right now, those who can’t wait to play Final Fantasy VII Remake can scratch that itch by picking up Final Fantasy XV. The game is already out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Rumors point toward a possible Nintendo Switch release as well. We had a chance to review the game and even with its flaws, it is a worthy experience:

Final Fantasy XV is a great game by a lot of standards, except the high standards of its predecessors and the illustrious franchise it belongs to. From story to gameplay, there are far too many flaws, inconsistencies and areas with lack of polish, that keep it from greatness and ruin the overall experience of playing a quintessential Final Fantasy game.

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