Final Fantasy VII Remake Receives a Spectacular Trailer At Tokyo Game Show 2019

Square Enix has distributed a spectacular new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, which premieres all the way in the Tokyo Game Show 2019 at the Japanese video game fair. In the video we can see a multitude of unpublished scenes, iconic sequences of the original 1997 hit game and exciting upcoming gameplay pieces.

Rumors about a Final Fantasy VII remake have been going on for quite a few years, and users hoped that at some point they would release it for PlayStation 3, especially after one of the console’s first demonstrations showed the character Cloud Strife.

Despite the requests of the players, the decision of Square Enix has been waiting for many years, but luckily for us, after many rumors, the big announcement was finally made at the E3 2015. The first trailer of the remake accumulated more than 10 million views on YouTube in just only two weeks, showing that the interest of the players was more than real.

This remake of Final Fantasy VII will not be a mere adaptation of the graphics but tells the story entirely from scratch and with a new format. We will relive the story of Cloud, Aeris, Sephiroth, Shinra and Midgar, but in a different video game, and like mentioned above, made from scratch, in which we can freely explore Midgar and the game world.

It will be released by episodes and each of them will be the size of a normal game. All the elements of the spin-offs launched to date will be integrated into the new game.

The game will feature completely new and enhanced graphics, which will be totally three-dimensional, in the style of other modern and well-known Square Enix role-playing games such as Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III. Also in the style of the latter, the combat system discards the shifts and the randomness of the original to become a game of action and role, although it will have a great and noticeable component of character evolution.

Although the game is quite different, the story the devs will tell us will be the same, but they promise a few new surprises here and there. Newly made spin-off arcs will also be added, but in essence we will still, as mentioned above, relive the main story of Cloud, a Shinra soldier, who joins the AVALANCHE eco-terrorist group to fight against his former bosses and prevent Sephiroth from ending his world. He will be joined by characters such as Aerith, Tifa, Barret, Vincent.

A few days ago, the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy VII Remake has published a new art to celebrate that it marked 22 years since the launch of the original game in the United States. What an achiviement this was for the game!

The chosen art is a new version of one of the most iconic and remembered images of the original title, which was also the cover of the game in the United States. You can see and compare the new and the old art below.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake will arrive on March 3, 2020 on PlayStation 4.

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