Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Discussed By Game Director

Speaking to Dengeki Playstation, director Tetsuya Nomura talked about his upcoming projects including the Final Fantasy VII Remake combat.

While Nomura couldn’t say much about the remake project which has mostly been shrouded in secrecy, he did confirm that the Final Fantasy VII Remake combat will be vastly different from what the game fans are used to.

The battle system in Final Fantasy VII Remake is also vastly different, so I think we need to communicate very clearly just how exactly battles will work. We’re currently in the middle of elevating various aspects up to finished quality

Whether the new combat system will be more of an Action RPG or not like the highly controversial combat of Final Fantasy XV is still unclear but hopefully the developers can strike a good balance between both styles.

He did mention that the game will be very rich in action in response to people who were asking for the return of Active Time Battle system. However, despite being rich in action, he assures it will be a system which fans of the traditional series can also enjoy.

As to why he couldn’t talk more about the Final Fantasy VII Remake combat, Nomura said that currently there were just too many Final Fantasy projects such as World of Final Fantasy in the works and the developers are waiting to clear up the slate a bit after which the information ban will be lifted.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development for PlayStation 4. There is no released date planned yet but Square Enix did mention earlier that the game will be released in multiple parts.

With the 20th Anniversary of the original Final Fantasy VII coming up next year as well as release of other games such as Final Fantasy XV and World of Final Fantasy being cleared from their development schedule, hopefully developers will share more details soon.

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