How Character Interactions Have Changed in Final Fantasy VII Remake

The original Square Enix Final Fantasy VII that came out in the 90s was full of low polygon goodness. It’s a good nostalgic experience and a great game even for those who haven’t played it yet. Obviously, it won’t be as immersive to us now as it was when we were kids. We’ve grown accustomed to how modern video games have characters interact. If only we had a way to experience that in the story of Final Fantasy VII. Say no more, as the Final Fantasy VII remake does exactly that.

The Final Fantasy VII remake showcased a boss fight demo at E3 2019 which gave us insight to a lot of gameplay mechanics. What it also gave us a brief snippet of was how Cloud and Barret interact with each other. Obviously with today’s technology, it’s more possible than before to present emotion and dynamics between characters.

This was described by Siliconera as they were given an exclusive peek at the game. Specifically, they were shown the opening segment of the game leading up to the E3 2019 boss fight.

This segment was described to feature a few cutscenes that really did flesh out how the characters behave and act with each other. This includes Barret not trusting Cloud at all initially. It even goes as far as him threatening to shoot Cloud himself. This was something we never saw in the original game, rather the two were just cool with each other from the get go.

We also had a better idea of how out of touch with reality Cloud actually is. This is a mix of the amnesia and brainwashing program that turned Cloud into a SOLDIER. His inability to react to an ally’s thumbs up was depicted in a cutscene due to his lack of social interaction.

Final Fantasy XV also did a good job of showcasing character interactions. You really felt the dynamics between Noctis and his gang, which also translated well into working together during combat.

Let’s hope we feel the same way with the Final Fantasy VII remake characters. Square Enix promises we will.

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