Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Not In Earlier Stages, Rather It Is In Full Fledged Development

A little while back during an of the record discussion, at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition in Japan, Kitase Hamaguchi, and Tetsuya Nomura had a chance to put some light on Final Fantasy VII Remake. During the discussion, they allegedly hinted at the possible release date of the game and that it shall make an appearance, at E3 2018.

Apparently, it did not make an appearance at E3 2018, which has had most of the fans worried about the development of the title. Although now the designer of the game. Nomura in a recent interview has given insights on the development of the game.

He said,

We are developing [Final Fantasy VII] in parallel, and it’s not just in the early concept stages. We are actually in development.

So right now, it’s like I’ve been putting in 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts, 100 percent into Final Fantasy VII, 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts… just going back and forth. It’s just like [working on] two titles is just going to be one [after Kingdom Hearts III’s launch]. That’s pretty much how I see it.”

Nomura further sharing about his love for creation, that acts as a driving force in bringing the high profile projects, such as Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake said that,

“I don’t get fatigued by that at all. It’s really fun for me to do. I actually don’t like human relationships more than just work, so I just want to focus on work and creating things, if I don’t have to deal with human relationships. It’s actually a little bit easier for me to do than not working.

I do need fans to play my games, to be able to create it, and so fans are definitely a factor to motivate me to keep on going.”

With all that said, Final Fantasy VII Remake seems to be a major reason for excitement among fans. Hopefully, we will be hearing more on the development regarding this game, soon enough.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development at Square Enix for PS4.

Source: theverge