Final Fantasy VII Poster With Xbox One Logo Spotted By Redditor

The Final Fantasy VII remake was announced a few years ago but after that, for a long time, we had no update on it. The Final Fantasy VII remake trailer then dropped earlier this year and thus told us it was still being worked upon. Square Enix had originally announced about it being a PS4 exclusive. However, a poster spotted by a Redditor with the Xbox One logo might mean an Xbox release will follow soon after.

Redditor Gaddict1 posted the alleged Final Fantasy VII poster.

The poster is in Japanese but sure enough, it talks about the 3/3/2020 release date that has been announced. The poster also lists Final Fantasy VII as an RPG. But the one thing that we weren’t aware of, is the platforms that it is being offered on.

The poster says that it will be offered on Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4.

Let’s see what it could mean.

It’s possible that Sony just has exclusive marketing till release. This could mean that until the game is released, Square Enix won’t be allowed to talk about the Final Fantasy VII remake coming to Xbox One. This would obviously boost pre-sales on the PS4, because of the exclusivity.

Another possibility is what normally happens with console exclusive games. It takes some time but they do go to other consoles. By some time, this often means at least one year. However, if this poster turns out to be the real deal, that would mean that an Xbox One release would follow soon.

We do not know for sure yet but perhaps more details will follow soon. The Final Fantasy VII demo will be showcased later in a few days at Gamescom.