Final Fantasy VII is a PS4 Timed Exclusive, EB Games Listing Spotted

According a listing by EB games, Final Fantasy VII may come to Xbox One sooner than you think.

When the Final Fantasy VII at Sony’s E3 event was revealed, no other consoles were mentioned, but neither was a statement saying that it was an exclusive. This led to the assumption that it would be, merely becomes of the lack of other information.

Today, on the Australian EBGames site a pre-order appeared for the Xbox One version, dating the release as TBC, but giving the release year to be 2016. Could this mean that the release on Playstation 4 is merely a timed exclusive?

A user of the KH13 forum Sora96 did some investigating (asked EB Australia on twitter) and they had some interesting things to say:

If this is in fact true then EB Australia have confirmed this as a timed exclusive for the Playstation 4, with a release for Xbox One coming at a later date. This could also possible lead to the release coming to the PC too.

Obviously with the game still way off a release, Square Enix may not be happy with these details being released, especially if they have deals with Sony. No official statement has been made in regards to this, so we may see the listing of the game strangely being removed.


Looking at the conversation between Sora96 and other forum users this is causing a lot of interest in the gaming community and quite rightly so, especially for Xbox One fans.

While there have been no exclusives that really made a huge impact on what console people chose, Final Fantasy VII is one that would make a few people consider which console they decide to side with in the so-called “console wars”.

If the game is a timed exclusive, are you an Xbox One user willing to wait? Let us know your thoughts below.

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