Final Fantasy Versus XV Leaked, Will Be An Alternative Version Of Final Fantasy XV And More

Square Enix is yet to announce the release date for the first episode of Final Fantasy VII remake and recently a ton of details leaked suggesting that the first episode will be available by March 2019, and now Final Fantasy Versus XV has been leaked along with a ton of details about the game.

Final Fantasy Versus XV has been leaked by a user on 4Chan claiming to be a developer at Square Enix who claims that Final Fantasy Versus XV will be a complete alternative to 2016’s Final Fantasy XV and the events of Final Fantasy XV will be implied to “have been nothing more than a Noctis’ dream” and the game’s world will be completely explorable.

  • Final Fantasy Versus XV will be a rebuild/retelling/alternative version of Final Fantasy XV.
  •  The game will be set in an alternate reality: the events in XV will be implied to have been nothing more than a Noctis’ dream (that’s why Noctis is shown sleeping on his throne).
  • The world will be entirely explorable this time; remember the map model shown in one trailer? That will be VersusXV’s world map.

Furthermore, the leak suggests that Final Fantasy Versus XV will feature cities that were originally planned for Final Fantasy XV like Gralea, the kingdom of Solheim, and capital of Tenebrae.

  •  The plot will be completely rewritten from scratch and will feature all the elements Nomura wanted in it, like Stella, the “eyes that can see the light of expiring souls”, the country of Solheim and so on, while everything related to Kingsglaive will be completely removed.
  • The battle system will be way more KH-like, but it will still keep everything we’ve seen in FFXV like warp-strikes, counter/parry and so on. Also, there will be character-switching like shown in the earlier Versus-XIII trailers.
  • There will be a gambit-like system to direct party member’s behavior.
  • New summons will be present, including Fenril, Phoenix, Odin, Alexander and the Magus Sisters. Ifrit, Bahamut and the Knights of the Round will be summonable this time.
  • Luna will not be present. Stella however will return, and will be a playable party member for almost half of the entire game. Also, some particular missions allow you to use some guest character (like Cor, Cindy, Aranea, and so on…) for a small period of time.
  •  Etro will be the last boss. You’ll fight her in an overtly spectacular final battle inspired by FF7’s last boss.

Do you think Final Fantasy Versus XV will be as good as Final Fantasy XV? Let us know in the comments.

Source: 4Chan

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