Rumored PS5 Exclusive Final Fantasy Origin Plays Like Nioh/Souls

Final Fantasy Origin is reportedly the title of the spinoff which publisher Square Enix was recently rumored to be working on exclusively for PlayStation 5.

According to a report by Fanbyte earlier today, sources close to the matter have confirmed Square Enix to be working with developer Team Ninja on Final Fantasy Origin which will be action-focused and apparently play similar to the Nioh or Souls games while being “more accessible to a wider audience.”

The same sources have also confirmed Final Fantasy Origin to be connected to the first Final Fantasy game which was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System several decades back.

The new Final Fantasy spinoff will be officially announced by Square Enix during its press briefing at the upcoming all-digital Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next month. The game will be console-exclusive to PS5 with a PC release taking place somewhere down the road.

Final Fantasy Origin hence joins a growing number of exclusive Final Fantasy games on PS5. The recent Final Fantasy 7 remake is currently available exclusively on current- and previous-generation PlayStation consoles. The upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade will also be exclusive to PS5 for at least the first six months before coming to PS4.

E3 2021 takes place from June 12 to June 15 as a four-day-long livestream which will be available to watch online for free.

Take note that Square Enix has been sitting on multiple announcements which all were pushed ahead due to the worldwide pandemic last year. In addition to Final Fantasy Origin, Square Enix is strongly rumored to be working on an unknown cross-generation Eidos project which may or may not be announced at E3 2021.

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