Final Fantasy Explorers Tips – Quests, Combat, Classes, Jobs, Status Effects

Although a tad different from traditional FF games, Final Fantasy Explorers for 3DS is nonetheless fun-filled.

Final Fantasy Explorers Tips

Final Fantasy Explorers is a pretty huge game, so I will ensure to cover everything in this beginner’s guide.

Basic Controls and UI

In FFE, the combat is in real time instead of being turn-based.

You have the ability to lock/unlock the camera, use special abilities, sprint, attack, and more – all in real time. Coming to UI, you will see your character’s HP, AP, Trance Gauge, Resonance Gauge, and time limit.

You will also see color-coded numbers appearing on the screen which can mean different things. For example, green is restored HP, yellow is restored AP, pink is critical strikes, white is damage dealt, and red is damage received.


There are different types of quests in the game which earn you rewards – the faster you complete a quest, the better rewards you earn. The quests in the game are:

Tutorial: familiarize players with the essentials of the game
Main: required to progress through the storyline
Sub: these are basically optional quests, reward CP, but also cost gil


In combat, remember that using abilities and sprinting requires AP which is regenerated by using basic attacks. You need to mix your abilities and sprinting with normal attacks to keep going.

One important concept in combat is Monster Malice which basically gives your character enemies’ attention. The character dealing the most damage and healing allies gain more Monster Malice and is more likely to be targeted by enemies.

Then there are abilities which are powerful attacks. You can only have 8 abilities at any given time; however, abilities have a maximum ‘Load’ which cannot be exceeded.

Therefore, in case you have some extremely powerful abilities, you will have to suffice with less than 8 due to ‘Maximum Load’ – new abilities can be learnt at the Central Crystal. One more thing to know about combat is that there are different roles namely carry, tank, healer, and support.

Lastly, there is Crystal Surge which is basically different versions of your already equipped abilities. For this, continue to use your abilities to fill the Resonance Gauge and press L and R at the same time to activate Crystal Surge in order to use custom abilities instead of normal abilities – custom abilities are also acquired from the Central Crystal.

Elements and Status Ailments

In FFE, there are a total of 12 elements which can inflict status ailments as well. These elements and status ailments are:

  • Slash – Inflicts Death
  1. Death – This knocks out the target
  • Strike – Inflicts Confusion
  1. Confusion – This confuses movement directions
  • Thrust – Inflicts Fog
  1. Fog – This renders the use of physical abilities impaired
  • Shot – Inflicts Disable
  1. Disable – No actions except movement
  • Fire – Inflicts Burn
  1. Burn – Decreased defense and damage over time
  • Ice – Inflicts Freeze
  1. Freeze – No actions at all
  • Thunder – Inflicts Paralysis
  1. Paralysis – No actions except slower movement
  • Earth – Inflicts Immobilize
  1. Immobilize – No movement
  • Wind – Inflicts Sleep
  1. Sleep – No actions at all
  • Water – Inflicts Silence
  1. Silence – No use of magical abilities
  • Light – Inflicts Slow
  1. Slow – Decreased movement speed
  • Dark – Inflicts Blind
  1. Blind – Decreased accuracy


There are a total of 21 jobs which can be changed at any given time, but not when you are out in the field. One thing to note is that jobs must be unlocked which usually requires some grinding. The section below outlines all the jobs and their unlock requirements:


  • Requirement: N/A
  • Ability: No specialized abilities


  • Requirement: Ability Boost Operation Test
  • Ability: Use defensive abilities and protect allies


  • Requirement: Ability Boost Operation Test
  • Ability: Increased damage with fist weapons

White Mage

  • Requirement: Ability Boost Operation Test
  • Ability: The ability to use healing magic

Black Mage

  • Requirement: Ability Boost Operation Test
  • Ability: The ability to use high-level damage magic


  • Requirement: Ability Boost Operation Test
  • Ability: The ability to engage long-ranged enemies using a bow


  • Requirement: Collect 15% of all Equipment
  • Ability: The ability to use physical and magic attacks


  • Requirement: Ninja & Bard Test
  • Ability: High speed and evasive skills

Time Mage

  • Requirement: Test for Thief & Time Mage
  • Ability: Provide support to allies using time magic

Dark Knight

  • Requirement: Slay 500 Monsters
  • Ability: N/A


  • Requirement: Dragoon & Sage Test
  • Ability: The ability to leap into the air and come down rapidly


  • Requirement: Dragoon & Sage Test
  • Ability: Increased attack speed and healing potential


  • Requirement: Create 20 Monsters
  • Ability: High damage axe attacks


  • Requirement: Geomancer & Alchemist Test
  • Ability: Have the ability change the terrain


  • Requirement: Get 150,000 CP Achievement
  • Ability: The ability to use guns in order to deal damage

Red Mage

  • Requirement: Learn Curaga, Firaga & Graviga
  • Ability: The ability to use swords as well as black and white magic


  • Requirement: Ninja & Bard Test
  • Ability: The ability to provide support to allies


  • Requirement: Test for Thief & Time Mage
  • Ability: The ability to steal items


  • Requirement: Geomancer & Alchemist Test
  • Ability: Use items in order to attack enemies

Blue Mage

  • Requirement: Collect 35 Atmaliths
  • Ability: Learn enemy abilities

This is all we have on Final Fantasy Explorers beginner’s guide. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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