Final Fantasy Explorers Party Members Guide – Recommended Monsters, Abilities

Final Fantasy Explorers for Nintendo’s handheld is closer to Monster Hunter rather traditional FF games. Instead of being turn-based, the game’s combat is real-time along with some additional changes.

Final Fantasy Explorers Party Members

This guide provides an overview of recommended monster party members that you can have in the game:

Party Monsters

This monster costs 100 and is a good attack-oriented monster during the early game. It possesses +10 physical attack along with Fire Breath, Poison Breath, and Protect.

Iron Knight
The IK has the highest base attack power and only costs 100. The monster is immune to different status ailments including Sleep, Confusion, Seal, Silence, Stop, and Poison. You need to make use of its Spinning Edge and develop HP and Attack before anything else.

Chocobo is a tad expensive and costs 200. The signature FF character is pretty balanced between offense and defense. As for abilities, it includes Beak, Choco Attack, Choco Cure, and Choco Meteor.

If you are looking for a decent tank which costs only 100, Flan is the way to go. It can be considered as Survival Specialist due to the fact that it has +75 resistance against Darkness, high HP, physical defense, and magical defense.

Thanks to Mandragora’s Cure and Leaf Cutter, it is extremely useful when it comes to healing and dealing high magic damage. Moreover, it also possesses +10 recovery magic bonus and for dealing continuous damage in an area. However, do note that it costs 200.

Marlboro costs 200 and is a pretty strong support monster which can cause status ailments even on bosses. However, in order to do so, you will need to use its Bad Breath ability.

Black Knight
This has very high Attack and Defense along with abilities such as Firaja and Aura Cutter. However, due to the 300 cost, you will have to suffice with only Black Knight.

Cactuar has extremely high physical and magical evasion and has the abilities such as 1,000 Needles and Haste – all this and it only costs 100.

Magic Pot
Magic Pot costs 200 and is probably one of the best late game healers in the game. The ability to remain immune to all status ailments, resistance against all elements, and magic abilities such as Grand Delta and Flare make it one of a kind.

Flan Princess
Flan Princess is another late game healer which costs 200. It possesses the highest base stat of any monster in the game and utilizes strong attacks and recovery magic. As for its abilities, it possesses Firaga, Curaga, and Bite.

Recommended Parties

  • 3x Iron Knight – this party basically ensures maximum firepower
  • 2x Iron Knight, Cactuar – this party suffers when it comes to firepower, but makes with increased movement
  • Cactuar, Magic Pot – stay in the middle of the fight by suppressing firepower
  • Spector, Ahriman – magic-oriented attack with high damage

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