Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wavering Heart Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wavering Heart is a side quest. You are allowed to play the side quest once you’ve reached Chapter 14, and after the first scene at Aerith’s House.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wavering Heart

The Wavering Heart quest takes place in the Sector 6 Slums and the Wall Market in FF7 Remake. This guide will include all the tasks of the side quest, the Odd Job, and the Pull Up Challenge.

The quest will be given to you by Andrea/Jules. Jules asks Tifa for a Pull Up contest, and you’re required to beat Andrea.

It somewhat like that squats game that you’d have already played in Chapter 9, though this one will be a tad more difficult.

The four face buttons will be placed randomly in different patterns with repeating sequences/rhythms. You will have to press the buttons slowly in the beginning, and then you will gradually gain rhythm and speed.

You’ll find it harder to handle whenever you have to spam the same button since that can mess up with your rhythm.

You can complete the side quest easily since Andrea will keep falling down in the first round. Actually, both of them will keep falling down in the first two rounds and you can easily get through them.

After winning the first round, you will get Way of the Fist Vol. III. This will get you some EXP as well.

For the final challenge, you’ll run into Jules who’ll be very difficult to beat. He might fall a few times in the first round, but he always gains rhythm very fast. If you want to win against Jules, you will have to score over 43 or so pull-ups.

This will be the last side quest for your first game-play. For the last two side quests, you will need to head off to Chapter 9 and play through the other scenario.

Once you do this, you will get The Price of Thievery and Shears’ Counterattack side quests if you ignore the Johnny Discovery Event.

Otherwise, you will get The Party Never Stops and A Dynamite Body side-quests. Once you’ve completed the side quests, head back the Chapter 9 and choose through the alternative scenario to complete the other two side quests and earn the Best in the Business Trophy.

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