Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tifa Lockhart Design Details Leaked

Details from the Final Fantasy 7 remake reddit leak details of what Final Fantasy 7 remake Tifa Lockhart could be designed as.

After the recent Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer, we’ve gotten a look at what Aerith will look like. One thing that remains unseen is the Final Fantasy 7 remake version of Tifa Lockhart. The hard-hitting materia brawler of Barret’s mercenary party.

Details of Tifa Lockhart’s design were leaked on Reddit alongside other things that we’ve covered.

Regarding Final Fantasy 7 remake Tifa Lockhart, here’s what the leak had to say:

“The design for Tifa is also true to the original outfit, her face appears to be mostly similar to her Advent Children design but slightly more western. Materia also shows up on her gloves.”

Advent children was a short movie based on the events of Final Fantasy 7 and did featured Tifa Lockhart as well. If you haven’t played the original FF7, Tifa was a member of Barret’s party and became one of Cloud’s allies in his quest to regain his memory and beat Sephiroth.

One thing of concern regarding Tifa’s design was how it would fare in today’s political climate. This is a rather silly point to discuss when it comes to video game characters. The controversy surrounding what the females wore in Mortal Kombat 11 was just cringeworthy.

From what the leak suggests, nothing seems to change for Tifa Lockhart outside of her face looking more western instead of oriental. Besides, Japan doesn’t really care about the Western market’s feelings or SJW culture in general. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll change anything. I mean they didn’t do so for Devil May Cry 5, though that was Capcom and this is Square Enix.

We still have yet to see any visual confirmation of Tifa’s design. The Final Fantasy 7 remake reddit is reliable but not official.

Our best hope for getting answers to these questions is the upcoming E3 conference. Rumors of a Final Fantasy 7 remake demo are also hopefully going to be confirmed there.

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