Final Fantasy 7 Remake Side Quests Guide

Final Fantasy VII side-quests are something you are going to want to approach if you are looking to put in the extra effort to grind your characters out prior to the final showdown in the respective chapters. In this guide, we have mentioned all the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Side Quests for you to check out and attempt.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Side Quests

Needless to say, these FF7 Remake side quests are pretty fun and neat activities that expand on the different characters in different sectors.

Each FF7 Remake side quest has a different problem that relates to the main story’s idea.

Below we have divided all the Final Fantasy 7 Remake side quests according to the chapters in which you can attempt them. Some quests might require you to play certain portions of the game again through Chapter Select menu.

Chapter 3

Chadley’s Report
Chadley needs your help in making new Materia, and needs you to collect battle information by various enemies whilst equipping his Assess Materia.

Location. Chadley can be found next to Wymer, Sector 7 Slums Area.

Lost Friends
A little girl has lost her cats, and she needs your help in finding all of them. The first one can be found near Seventh Heaven, to the east is the second cat. The final cat can be found just before the Item Shop.

Location. Talk to Betty in Sector 7 Residential Area.

Rat Problem
The quest can be received from Item Store Owner, talk to him, and he will give you the quest. Kill all the marked Wererats and Doomrats.

Location. Item Store Owner, Sector 7 Slums Area.

On the Prowl
Talk to Wymer after completing the previous quests who will ask you to take care of a Wrath Hound disturbing the peace within the Scrap Boulevard.

Location. Wymer, Sector 7 Slums Area.

Nuisance in the Factory
The factory seems to be experiencing a bit of a dragon problem, and with drakes infesting the entire place, your help is needed in order to make the facility safe for personnel.

Location. Junk Dealer in Sector 7 Slums Area.

Just Flew In From the Graveyard
More drakes! After clearing out the factory, your help is needed to take care of a rather stronger drake.

Location. The quest can be obtained by Gwen in Sector 7 Slums Area, near the Pillar Plaza.

Chapter 8 Side Quests

Kids on Patrol
Ms. Folia needs your help in bringing the kids back from patrol, the quest involves a fight with some pretty tough monsters, including a Hedgehog Pie King.

Location. Given by Ms. Folia found in the Central District of Sector 5 Slums.

Weapons on a Rampage
Shinra’s tech is ravaging through the town and needs to be stopped. You can find the five of them in the Nuts ‘n Bolts area.

Location. Sector 5 Slums, Station Way, talk to the scared man who will warn you about the floating eyeballs.

Verified Hero
After completing Kids on Patrol, play Whack-a-Box to complete the ‘Verified Hero’ side-quest.

Location. Sarah found in Sector 5 Slums’ Central District.

The Angel of the Slums
A reporter needs your help in order to get more information regarding the guardian angel of the slums. Pack up some Lightning Materia because you’re going to need it to defeat the Chromogger.

Location. Obtained in Sector 5 Slums’ Central District from Damon.

Paying Respects
The graveyard has been invaded by monsters which is preventing a man from visiting his wife. Find a way into the graveyard and clear all the monsters out.

Location. Sector 5 Slums Area’s Central District, given by an old man grieving for his wife.

Chapter 9

Burning Thighs
Compete against a gym member and win in order to complete the side-quest. You will be facing your opponent off in a squatting match.

Location. Talk to Jules in Sector 6 Slums’ Wall Market.

The Party Never Stops (Chocobo Sam)
To get this quest, you will need to perform a series of actions in Chapter 9. In this quest, you will be bringing a drunk father back as a favor, to his shop.

Location. Obtained from Clothing Store Owner’s Son in Sector 6 Slums’ Wall Market.

A Dynamite Body (Chocobo Sam)
Sam has asked you to go fight in this Colosseum. Fight through the enemies, in this case, the bombs, and claim your reward.

Location. Obtained from Sam found in the Wall Market of Sector 6 Slums.

The Price of Thievery (Madam M)
Defeat the Bandits in Expressway Tunnels.

Location. Get the quest from Mireille in Sector 6 Slums’ Wall Market.

Shears’ Counterattack (Madam M)
Fight off the Jury-Rigged Cutter by participating in the Colosseum once again. Select the ‘Special Match’ and prepare yourselves with lightning magic.

Location. Talk to the Gatekeeper in the Wall Market in Sector 6 Slums.

Chapter 14 Side Quests

Missing Children
Leaf House’s children haven’t returned from patrol for a while. Ms. Folia has asked you to find them. This isn’t the first time they’re getting in trouble, if you remember the ‘Kids on Patrol’ side-quest.

Location. Talk to Ms. Folia in Sector 5 Slums’ Central District.

Chocobo Search
Three chocobos have left their captivity and should be brought back by luring them with greens. You will be able to do this quest in the beginning of Chapter 14 once you leave Aerith’s house.

Location. Talk to Stablehand in Sector 5 Slums’ Station Way.

Secret Medicine
In an effort to treat the people’s arising sickness, the doctor has asked you to gather three components for his medicine. Two of which are easy to collect, whilst the final one requires you to slay a beast.

Location. Talk to the doctor in Sector 5 Slums’ Central District.

Corneo’s Secret Stash
The ‘Guardian Angel’ seems to have stolen something that belonged to Corneo. You have been tasked to find the Angel’s identity by going to his hideout.

Location. Talk to Damon in Setor 5 Slums’ Sanctuary Way.

Tomboy Bandit
Johnny has asked you to help him get his wallet back which was recently stolen by Kyrie. With Kyrie’s last known location, try to find her as you fight through a Hellhound.

Location. Talk to Johnny in Sector 5’s Undercity Station.

The Power of Music
Betty wants to widen the horizons of her playlist and is looking for a music disc. You will be helping her by finding a music disc in Wall Market.

Location. Talk to Betty in Sector 6 Slums’ Wall Market.

Wavering Heart
Jules has asked Tifa to participate in a pull-up contest against another participant. Similar to Cloud’s competition except, this one can be considered a tad bit harder due to the button inputs being a little more randomized.

Location. Talk to Andrea or Jules in the Sector 6 Slums’ Wall Market.

Malicious Goons
A group of Corneo’s henchmen pose a threat to Avalanche and have been creeping around Aerith’s house. Heed Madam M’s warning and save Marlene and Wedge from any danger.

Location. Talk to Madam M in Sector 6 Slums’ Wall Market.

Subterranean Menace
Wymer has asked for a favor from you to clear all the monsters infesting the Shinra’s underground test site.

Location. Talk to Wymer in Sector 6 Slums’ Evergreen Park.

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