Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reddit Leak Reveals More About The Game’s E3 Appearance

A recent Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer dropped featuring Aerith and Sephiroth, two major characters in the original installment. Following the trailer, a new Final Fantasy 7 remake reddit leak has revealed more info about the Final Fantasy 7 remake gameplay as well as how the game will be divided into parts.

You can read the full Reddit post that was saved here for all the details. Over here, I’ll provide a basic gist of what to expect from the FF VII remake.

To start off, the leak states that a playable Final Fantasy 7 remake demo will be available at E3. This is a bit peculiar considering Sony won’t be at the conference but it’s important information nonetheless. Especially considering that the demo implies a playable build of the game exists.

We still don’t have a Final Fantasy VII remake release date confirmed as of yet. This is one of the details people expect at E3 2019, however.

Another intriguing point in the Final Fantasy 7 remake reddit leak affirmed that the game would be divided into two parts. The first part will be concluding with Aerih’s death.

Regarding Sephiroth’s involvement, the leak claims that his appearance in the game will be very scarce. He will mostly just appear as a voice and presence during Cloud’s mental breakdowns.

A few plot related changes have been brought to set the Final Fantasy 7 remake apart from the original game. One of the changes among them referred to Yuffie and Vincent no longer being optional party members.

Gameplay seems to feature a lot more materia, the specifics of which can be found in the Reddit post. A few redesigns were mentioned for some of the monsters players will face off against. Character designs mostly stuck to the originals. Tifa was mentioned to be taking after her Advent Children look a little.

Finally, you can expect to see a lot of classic scenes like Cloud’s cross-dressing infiltration in glorious HD. This revisit to one of the most beloved installments in the franchise must be closer now. Hopefully, Square Enix confirm a Final Fantasy 7 remake release date at E3.

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