Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rat Problems Walkthrough

Use this walkthrough to help you out if you are struggling with the Rat Problems sidequest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3

Rat Problem is a Chapter 3 side quest in FF7 Remake. This sidequest is unlocked after interacting with Chadley during the main objective Problem Solving. Here we have prepared the complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rat Problems Walkthrough to help you out.

In Rat Problems quest, the shop owner expresses dissatisfaction towards rat infestation. It’s your task to eliminate the wererats and doomrats in the area. We’ve given simple tips on how to defeat the wererats and doomrats quickly and without using much of your time and effort.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rat Problems

View your map and visit the item shop. As you enter the shop, you’ll see the store owner at the counter waiting for your arrival.

Talk to him and leave the shop afterward. Once you’ve exited the shop, head right and continue moving straight then go left and up the stairs towards the metal tunnel and put an end to the wererats.

Make sure you use Assess Materia for collecting intel for Chadley as you get rewarded with 500 Gil upon returning to Chadley with the intel.

Apart from the 500 Gil, you’ll also receive an opportunity to buy Auto-Cure Materia along with another Assess Materia. So, don’t forget to equip and use the Assess Materia (given below the Abilities in a battle)

Now, to face Wererats, you can simply use Ice Spells against them since they’re vulnerable to them.

Once they’re out of the scene, return to the shop and talk to the owner. He’ll assign you another task to kill some Doomrats in the area.

But before going for the Doomrats, make sure that Cloud or Tifa are equipped with Ice Materia/ Blizzard Spell.

Now it’s showtime! Doomrats are massive as compared to Wererats and killing them may be tough but you’ll get used to countering their attacks after a while.

Doomrats show weakness towards Ice. Use your Blizzard Spell that you Equipped before the fight. The waves decrease in numbers as the fight progresses.

At first, three Doomrats come to attack you then during the second wave, only two show up.

Simply dodge them and play as lethal as you can. Once you’ve staggered a Doomrat, go away from it and make a safe distance to cast your spells. This way the Doomrat won’t intervein during the casting of your spell.

If you’re jumped on, then the best strategy is to take them out one by one, as a Dark Cloud forms when they group up and they’ll bite your face and you’ll deal a lot of damage from it.

In cases like these, you can swap your characters to fight the Doomrats. This way you’ll end up defeating them easily plus you’ll receive Bonds of Friendship, a PlayStation Trophy.

Once they’re defeated and killed, head back to the shop and the owner will praise your work and will thank you for killing the rats. Also, you can heal your HP and MP in the shop as the owner will reward you with 5 hi potions HP and MP fully restored from the battle

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