Final Fantasy 7 Remake Price of Thievery Walkthrough

Stuck in the Price of Thievery quest in FF7 Remake? Well don’t worry as we have prepared a detailed Final Fantasy 7 Remake Price of Thievery Walkthrough to help you out.

To break the linear story of the game, many games feature multiple side missions. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is no exception and features multiple side missions for you to do, however, getting to all of these is not as easy as it seems.

Some require you to make specific choices before they can be unlocked. Price of Thievery in FF7 Remake is one such mission. This guide will explain how to unlock the Price of Thievery mission, as well as a walkthrough.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Price of Thievery

Price of Thievery is unlocked in Chapter 9 of FF7 Remake, after completing “The Underground Colosseum” main objective.

To actually unlock the mission, you need to ensure you make the following choices:

  • Select “Luxury Course” massage (3000 Gil)
  • When Aerith asks about her outfit, answer “Looks Comfortable”.

With all this done, the quest can be acquired from Madam M. Talk to Mireille, east of the town. The mission has you fight bandits.

Head south to Evergreen Park, then head north through the expressway tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, you’ll confront the Beck Trio.

This time, however, they also have a grungy bandit along with them. The enemies are pretty easy to defeat and considering they are humans, using fire attacks on them will end the fight really quickly.

When done, you will automatically return to Mireille and obtain “The Real Calling Card”, with your HP and MP fully restored.

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