Final Fantasy 7 Remake On the Prowl Walkthrough

A rabid dog was last seen in Scrap Boulevard, due to its nature, it is a danger to people around it. Agreeing to help Wymer, will set you on a quest to eliminate said rabid dog in Final Fantasy 7 Remake On the Prowl side quest.

The Wrath Hound can be fierce and fast. Fighting off its attacks can be a bit of a nuisance, so we’ve brought you a detailed FF7 Remake On the Prowl walkthrough regarding where to find it, as well as how to take it down.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake On the Prowl

Wymer will tell you about the whereabouts of a dangerous rabid dog, Cloud will agree to help him and will be asked to head to Scrap Boulevard in order to take care of the said monstrosity, which is a danger to the citizens around it.

Find the Hound
Make your way out through the fenced cave, and past the cave to your right, where you will reach an open area.

From here head to the left, from underneath the pipe. Take the path to your right, and eventually, you will come across the rabid Wrath Hound in the center.

Fighting the Wrath Hound
The Hound’s a bit tanky but is relatively weak to Ice attacks. He will use two attacks in total, one is where he will use a pounce attack to close the distance between both of you.

During the Hound’s headbutt attack, he will charge for a moment and come right at you. Dodge this attack by moving either left or right.

During the time it’s staggered, make sure to use ability attacks to bring down its health a notch.

Switch between characters when needed and make good use of Tactical Mode to plan out each move.

After dealing enough damage, the hound may flee, when that happens, simply chase him through the area, and get ready for your second encounter.

Repeat what you have done so far and the Wrath Hound will be dead in no time and you can finish On the Prowl side quest in FF7 Remake.

Return to Wymer
After defeating the hound, head back to Wymer and complete the quest which will reward you:

  • Complete restoration to HP and Mana.
  • Elixir

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