Final Fantasy 7 Remake Missing Children Walkthrough

Missing Children is the name of a side-quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake which needs you two to find some missing children out in the slums of Sector 5.

In this guide, we’ve detailed the locations of the missing children in FF7 Remake so you’ll easily be able to complete this side-quest and get the rewards.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Missing Children

This side-quest can be started by talking to Ms. Folia in the Sector 5 Slums – Center District during the start of Chapter 14.

You also had to have completed a side-quest called ‘Kids on Patrol’ during Chapter 8 to be able to do this one.

After you talk to Ms. Folia (the lady with the green shirt), head to the Slum Public Cemetery, is towards the North-East of the map and you’ll find Oates standing there.

Interact with him and after a little talk, two Phantoms will show up. Phantoms are basically a buffed version of Ghosts but they are very vulnerable to Fire magic and physical damage.

Use Tifa to take care for them since she has strong physical attacks. Her ‘Charging Uppercut’ attack seems to be the best way to deal with these creatures.

During the fight, the Phantom will go invisible for a bit and then reappear out of nowhere and try to land an attack on you. So, when they go invisible, be on high alert.

If you have it, make use of the Enemy Skill Materia by equipping it during this fight and letting the Phantoms attack you so you can learn the Spirit Siphon skill. Learning this skill is necessary to get the Master of Mimicry trophy.

After you defeat the Phantoms all the missing children will return and they’ll head back to the Leaf House and the side-quest will be completed.

One of the kids will reward you with a Time Materia for helping them and your HP/MP will be fully restored after completing the side-quest.