Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Wutai’s Finest Walkthrough

In this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Wutai's Finest walkthrough, we’ll guide you on how to complete the first chapter...

In this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Wutai’s Finest walkthrough, we’ll guide you on how to complete the first chapter of INTERmission DLC in FF7 Remake Intergrade.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Wutai’s Finest

The Wutai’s Finest chapter of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade INTERmission DLC will put you in the outskirts of Midgar, and you’ll be miles away from the Avalanche’s base. You’ll be playing the game as Yuffie.

The Beginning

The FF7 Remake INTERmission DLC will start challenging you by putting some antagonists against you towards the very beginning. However, these fights will be fairly easy and it’s suggested that you start testing out all of your attacks during these early fights of FF7 Remake INTERmission DLC.

The game will prompt you about all of your moves from time to time towards the beginning of the game to help you know about your abilities.

Starting from the very beginning, all the way to the Avalanche’s headquarters, we’ll be following clown posters and blue arrows on the floor that’ll point us in the right direction. However, there aren’t a lot of other pathways in the game and if you do find yourself at a crossroads, both of the pathways will eventually merge.

As soon as the game begins, you’ll find yourself up against 2 Gorgers, and later, a Lesser Drake and 2 Toxirats. Luckily, the game will prompt you with relevant moves needed to defeat these antagonists and the battles would be a piece of cake.

Along the way, you’ll find several breakable boxes that can contain collectibles and orbs, so don’t miss out on them. Distant boxes can be opened using Yuffie’s long-ranged attacks.

When you come across a warehouse, crouch and enter through the door. You’ll find an opening right underneath the clown poster.

Inside the Warehouse

Inside the warehouse, you’ll come across first of the many robed men that you’ll come across during your gameplay. The robed man won’t give you any useful information, however, near the robed man is an elevator that we need to go up.

Use Yuffie’s Throwing Star to activate the elevator and head up. There’ll be a clown at the elevator door, reminding you that you’re heading in the right direction.

Upstairs, you’ll run into 2 more Gorgers. Again, this would be an easy fight. Once you’re done fighting the antagonists, you’ll find yourself at a crossroads.

One way would be leading out of the warehouse, and another taking you down a ladder. We have to exit the warehouse eventually, however, take the ladder first as this path contains 2 Hi-potions and the HP Up materia. Once you’ve collected everything, head out into the sunshine.

Outside the Warehouse

Once you’ve exited the warehouse, look for a ladder in front of you, a little to the right. Using the ladder, climb onto the roof and down the other side. When you climb down, you’ll find another robed man on the left. This time he’ll be surrounded by some antagonists. However, you don’t have an access to the robed man yet.

Find another ladder on the right and climb up top. Once you’re at the top, aim and attack the crane for it to drop a bridge.

Now, you can climb down and go rescue the robed man. This fight will be slightly challenging, therefore, replenish your health before heading into the battle. Use fire attacks against these enemies, and keep replenishing your health from time to time. Their attacks drain your HP pretty fast.

Once you’re done with the battle, look around for another ladder. Climb the ladder and you’ll find an orb of Wind materia on the top. Climb back down, and continue your journey through the tunnel.

While in the tunnel, look around for a chest. The chest contains 1000 Gil. Exit the tunnel from the other side and cross the bridge while keeping a keen eye for the breakable boxes.

When you come across another man in a rob, look to the right to see a gate. Open the gate and continue with your journey. Once you find yourself at a dead-end because of a locked gate, look around for a tunnel. Head inside the tunnel and lookout for a chest that contains an orb of MP Up materia.

Exit the tunnel on the other side, and a little down the path you’ll come across a civilization.

Avalanche’s Headquarters

In this town, you’ll run into Zhijie right after a cutscene. Zhijie will then lead you to the Avalanche’s base. When you enter the base, there’s a bench right in front of you. Sit on the bench to restore your HP and MP.

Then head downstairs and find a chest by the stairs. The chest contains a boomerang. While downstairs, talk to all of the available Avalanche members once the cutscene is over. Talking to Polk will initiate a game of Fort Condor.

Before the game begins, you’ll be prompted by a complete tutorial. Winning the game is extremely easy, even if you just spam your players across the field. Winning the game will grant you the Sorcerer Board. Once you’re done with the game, have a conversation will all of the available members again, and then leave the base.

Outside Avalanche’s Headquarters

Once you exit the base, you’ll have to look for Old Snapper. You’ll find him by a red container singing and waving a banner over his head. The Banner is basically a house-look-alike board attached to a stick.

Go ahead and strike a conversation with him to initiate the Happy Turtles contest. To complete the contest, you’ll have to find and collect six flyers. Flyers would be found all around the town.

Look for them on the walls behind the boxes, and on the bulletin boards. One of them is attached to a flying helium balloon shaped like a turtle. You’ll have to attack the balloon to burst it and then collect the flyer once it lands on the wall.

Another one of the flyers is with a kitten. So, keep an eye out for cats as well, one of them is carrying a flyer.

One of the flyers is by the dog near Marle. You’ll find Marle standing underneath a deck, and the dog is present on that deck. You’ll find stairs to the deck nearby. You’ll have to tip-toe your way to the dog and collect the flyer while it is sleeping. You’ll find it stuck to a nearby wall.

Near the dog is a ladder, climb the ladder to find an orb of Chakra materia. Afterward, descend the stairs and go talk to Chadley to unlock Shinra Combat Simulator. You’ll find him wearing a white shirt, standing near a group of people.

Once the battle begins, you’ll find yourself up against Ramuh. If you manage to defeat Ramuh, you’ll get Ramuh Summon Materia.

However, you’ll still have to collect one more flyer to complete the Happy Turtle Add Campaign, and it is located near the old Talagger factory.

Inside Talagger Factory

Inside the factory you’ll come across several breakable boxes with quite interesting collectibles, so don’t miss out on them. However, what’s not interesting is that you’ll run into 2 Venommantis that you’ll have to fight. Therefore, make sure your health is fully replenished before you head into the battle.

The trick to winning this battle is spamming the square key and finding the right time to replenish your HP. Right after defeating the monsters, you’ll find the last poster that you’re looking for: it’s stuck on the wall.

Once you’ve collected all six flyers, return to the Old Snapper to obtain Magnify materia, and see him flirt with you a little.

Follow Nayo

After talking to the Old Snapper, head back to the Avalanche’s headquarters and a cutscene would follow. Once the cutscene is over, follow Nayo. Eventually, you’ll run into another battle, but this time with humans.

The game will prompt you and teach you how to fight alongside Sonon in this battle. There’ll soon be another cutscene in which you’ll get your Shinra IDs. After that follow Nayo out of the warehouse.

Shipping Facility

You’ll soon find yourself chasing Zhijie and he’ll lead you into a shipping facility. There’ll be several breakable boxes along the way that you should not miss out on. Here you’ll also find Ranged Sweeper and Steel Sweeper.

Inside the Factory, you’ll have to fight 2 Cripshays, 2 Lesser Drakes, and 2 security guards. Multiple times, you’ll find yourself at a dead-end because of the conveyor belts. They can be stopped by using your shuriken.

When you come across the stairs that are beyond your reach, you can run on the wall and access them. however, up top, you’ll have to fight an Elite Grenadier and an Elite Security Officer.

One last time you’ll have to stop the conveyer belt to enter the storage depot.

Storage Depot

During this part of the chapter, you’ll find yourself running on the walls quite often. While you make your way across the storage, hit any switch that you find along the way.

When you find yourself staring at two stairs, leading to two different platforms, head to the one on the left. Open the chest to find Assassin’s Board III and then head towards the other flight of stairs.

Upstairs, you’ll have to battle with Wrath Hound. Once you’ve defeated the Wrath Hound, make your way across another wall and then up the stairs again.

Eventually, you’ll come across 2 Wayvard Wolves. Fight them and make your way to the Waste Disposal plant. Breaking any breakable boxes along the way, and hitting all the switches. The chests and boxes in Storage Depot can give you Elemental Materia and Turbo Ether.

Waste Disposal Plant

As soon as you enter the plant, you’ll have to fight Levrikon. After the battle, make your way up the red ladder and get the conveyor belt moving. While on the conveyer belt, break maximum boxes to complete the Operation Container Carnage challenge.

The next, conveyer belt that you come across won’t be moving. Don’t try activating it, but make your way across it and head towards the Main Pillar Maintenance.

Main Pillar Maintenance

Towards the very beginning, you’ll find Lightning materia, near the resting area. Once you leave the rest area, prepare for a battle with the Gigantipede boss.

Defeating the boss will not only free Zhijie but return you to Sector 7 Slums. Board the train from the train station to complete Wutai’s Finest chapter of FF7 Remake Intergrade.

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