Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Scarlet Boss Guide

Shinra’s director of Advanced Weaponry, Scarlet is one of the bosses of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake INTERmission DLC.  This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Scarlet Boss guide will walk you through everything that you need to be aware of to defeat her.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Scarlet Boss

In this INTERmission DLC boss fight, Scarlet will basically be operating a robot called Crimson Mare, using its various abilities to battle your party. You need to defeat Scarlet in the Final Fantasy 7 Intermission dlc in order to acquire the Ultimate Materia that Wutai requires in the War against Shinra.

In this guide, we’ve detailed all the moves of Scarlet and her robot ride, their counters as well as the step-by-step plan to overcome this boss fight. So, let’s begin!

Attacks with their Countermeasures

  • Bullet Barrage: Crimson Mare hits you with bullets. Run sideways at the right time and then get close to the boss for a counter-attack.
  • Flame Spire: Your spot becomes flammable for a brief period. Use the same tactic as for this first attack to evade this.
  • Directive: Deploy: Scarlet summons Sentry Launchers. Let Sonon deal with Crimson Mare while Yuffie takes down the Sentry Launchers.
  • Directive Cover Fire: Crimson Mare’s blade gets covered with flames. Steer clear of the boss until the flaming blade is gone.
  • Makocannon Beam: The boss hits you with a beam using its cannon arms. Dodge the attack and rush towards it to land a counter strike.
  • Makocannon Missiles: Crimson Mare lets out rocket missiles towards you. Make your way to the pillars to be able to easily dismantle them.
  • Revivify: Scarlet revives Crimson Mare when its HP is down to 0. Target Scarlet until she is forced to hop out of Crimson Mare.

How to Defeat Scarlet and Crimson Mare in FF7 Remake Intergrade

Depending upon the Crimson Mare’s HP, this boss fight against Scarlet can be divided into four distinct phases in FF7 Intermission DLC.

First Phase
As soon as the battle kicks off, begin by using Yuffie’s 4-Point Shuriken on the boss. While you get close to it for a counter-attack, use melee and combos. As this boss is vulnerable to lightning, you can utilize Lightning Materia as well.

Remember that Crimson Mare can perform both melee and long-range attacks. So, while dodging attacks such as Bullet Barrage, it’s best if you approach it from the sides instead of the front.

Initially, you’ll find the battlefield surrounded by Sentry Rays. When you eliminate them, Scarlet will call for Sentry Launchers. As mentioned before, use Yuffie to get rid of them. In the meantime, let Sonon engage Crimson Mare.

Before the boss loses nearly 25% of its HP, it’ll carry out the Directive Cover Fire attack. Simply wait for the flames to run out before making a move.

Second Phase
When Crimson Mare’s XP gets to 75%, it will retreat and replace its swords with Makocannons. Scarlet will then, hit you with the beam attack. Evade it and proceed to Crimson Mare who’ll be crippled after the attack. Deal as many blows to the Makocannons as you can before Crimson Mare recovers.

When it recovers, it’ll come at you with rocket missiles. Counter them as we mentioned above, and then launch an offensive on Makocannons that would already be weakened by your first set of attacks.

Third Phase
When half of its HP is left, Scarlet will fall back with Crimson Mare and equip new arms once again – a long sword, Claymore, and a Shield.

Don’t waste your time striking the shield or countering the long sword, just focus on claymore and for that make use of all your lightning abilities, including Ramuh’s lightning ability to deal maximum damage.

Fourth Phase
When Crimson Mare’s HP is practically down to 0, Scarlet will use the Revivify move in her arsenal to keep it working. It’ll shift its arms back to Makocannons and use the rocket missiles’ attack more frequently.

To finish off the battle, target Scarlet and soon, a cutscene will play, marking the end of the boss fight and rewarding you with 61 SP and Time Materia.