Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Tips

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally out and it brings with it a lot of changes to the original gameplay systems that might even confuse veterans. In this guide, we have prepared some Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Tips to familiarize you with all the aspects of general gameplay of FF7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Tips

Unlock Materia slots
One of the most important things that you must know is that extra materia spots will buff up the weapon’s stats! Earn points in the form of SP as you buy new weapons or level up, use these SP to buy more Materia slots.

The materia slots come in form of links which can grant bonus when linked with the right materia. New slots are always better as you can put materia in them and level up.

Equip Materia
Focus on filling the slots with materia that can be levelled up unless you are up against a very tough enemy and you already want an upgraded one. After the battles AP is doubled allowing the materia used to level up.

This is a great opportunity as the levelled up material can then be used against tougher enemies and bosses.

Slot in the green (magic materia) as soon as possible so that when required, it will be levelled up to advanced magic! Levelling up the elemental materias are equally important.

Healing Materia
Every single partner must have the healing materia so buy atleast 3 in the start of the game so that your partners can heal when they take damage.

If your partner dies without being able to use cure, you will have to use yours and that means less resources for upgrades.

So If you buy the cure materia early in the game, your partners will have Cura as the game advances, that will surely help you in the game.

Auto Cure Materia Selection
You must decide in the start, which character you wish to pilot which will have to be cured manually. Choose Cloud and put Tifa and Barrets on swappable characters.

They will self-cure when needed. This will help you focus on the battle more! After your partners earn enough AP to level up the cure materia they will be able to self-cure up to 10 times during battles.

Use Benches
Benches are you best friend as when you use them they can effectively fill up your HP and MP. So whenever you see one, can be seen as an icon too, sit on it and restore your lost HP and MP

Understanding the new Combat system of FF7 Remake is really important and you will surely need to understand it to win against the enemies. Luckily a guide related to all the information you need regarding Combat Tips for FF7 Remake is ready for you.

General Tips
You can slide down the ladder instead of going down it conventionally which will surely save your time!

During battle you can swap to another character to heal you out! Swap to the partner having the most MP or most effective Cure spells to heal up. You will surely need this as some fights can be very challenging.