Final Fantasy 7 Remake Discovery Events Guide

Discoveries are a small part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay but they contribute towards the 100% completion of the game. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Discovery Events Guide will take you through finding these ‘random’ encounters.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Discovery Events

Following are all 7 discoveries of FF7 Remake classed in their various chapters;

Chapter #3

Alone at Last
This discovery is only available after you complete all the side quests of this chapter namely; Rat Problem, Chadley’s Report, Nuisance in the Factory, Lost Friends, On the Prowl and Just Flew in from the Graveyard.

You must complete all the tasks before Tifa leaves. When you have done all the side quests, Tifa will suggest you to go take a rest at the apartment before goind out of town for a break.

At the apartment, you must talk to Marle outside the apartment then head inside and change the sink filter in the bathroom.

In the room, Tifa will be ready to go, but you’ll have to choose an outfit for her out of three options she gives. This’ll complete the discovery.

Reward: Crescent Moon Charm, Cutscene with Tifa

Chapter #6 Discoveries

Collapsed Passageway
This FF7 Remake discovery occurs in Sector 4 – Plate Interior when you see a materia across a damaged bridge that collapses when you try to approach the materia.

You’ll have to take a detour to get there. Turn around from the bridge and head right towards the ladder leading down.

Take it and head towards the materia from this level. You’ll notice that you have to retract a bridge to make your way by using the panel just beside it.

You’ll only be able to do that after you’ve turned the three levers to restore the power in that area.

Reward: Elemental Materia

Inside the Ventilation Fan
In the same sector, at area marked H-01, there are two elevator, one a big one and the other small. Take the small one, it’ll take you across the gap to the other side.

There, you see a ladder leading up right in front. Take it to go to the room with the ventilation control panel alongside a vending.

Take some time to replenish supplies as you’re gonna face a Queen Srashtrike following up. The control will turn off the ventilation fans for 1 minute – a countdown will begin, and a passage will open up leading to another room.

There, you have to beat the Queen within one minute and then interact with another panel t stop the timer and open the door to the ventilation. A materia is placed there.

Reward: Chocobo Moogle Summoning Materia

Chapter #7

Waste Recovery
This discovery comes towards the end of chapter 7 when you have to pull some levers simultaneously from the directions on the screens.

If done correctly the disposal room gate will open up. There is a materia on the right side and a lever you can pull to get some items.

Reward: Magic Up Materia, Boss Components

Chapter #8 Discoveries

The Gate Won’t Open
On your way to the town, you will come across a closed fence door that won’t open. Later on, you come across another closed door inside a shed.

The door leads into a scrapyard with a Smogger inside that is not so hard to beat. After killing it, take the ladder on the far-right corner of the area to go up and unlock that door you came across before.

This opened door will serve as a short cut for the future.

Reward:  None

The Language of Flowers
To get this discovery in FF7 Remake, you must complete all the side quests in this chapter i.e. Weapons on a Rampage, The Mysterious Moogle Merchant, Kids on Patrol, The Angel of the Slums, A Verified Hero and Paying Respects.

After this, Aerith will lead you to her home and on the way, she’ll stop at a meadow where you’ll have a cutscene with her. You don’t have to do anything, just after the cutscene the discovery will have completed.

There’s also an MP Up Materia in that meadow.

Reward: Cutscene with Aerith. MP Up Materia

Chapter #9

Vagabond Johnny
In this chapter of FF7 Remake, you’ll encounter Johnny outside a bar being arrested by security officers after having had a fight in there. Just that will do for the discovery.

This encounter will begin progress towards the trophy; The Johnny Experience.

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