Final Fantasy 7 Remake Crab Warden Boss Guide

The Crab Warden is the fourth boss of FF7 Remake and has some pretty damaging abilities like a flame thrower and electrical attacks. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Crab Warden Boss guide will uncover all of the strategies of Crab Warden as well as all those which you should use against him.

We have also mentioned its lethal moves and how to beat and defeat the Crab Warden in FF7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Crab Warden Boss

The main abilities and moves of the Crab Warden include the use of Missile Barrage, Flamethrower, and Wildfire. Besides these moves, FF7 Remake Crab Warden will also charge on you physically and throw Surge which is magical lightning.

However, your major focus in the whole game should be first to avoid his attempts on you, and secondly to Stagger him.

Crab Warden is weak to electricity and his weak point is his Generator which can be exposed by staggering him. In order to do so, you should be avoiding many of his moves.

When you see an opening, you must try to destroy his legs at first. When his 2 to 3 legs are broken, you will unlock the opportunity to stagger him.

Once you stagger the Crab Warden and his Generator is exposed, the time to use your most powerful moves begin. You should then use your highly damaging attacks along with thunder.

However, you must keep in mind that Crab Warden is immune to Poison and Proportional damage. Such attacks of yours will not be of any benefit.

Phase 2
Once you have dealt enough damage to the Crab Warden, phase 2 of the fight will begin. In this phase, Crab Warden will be assisted by further 3 slug-ray enemies.

Your main focus should be here on destroying the rest of the legs which will be 2 or 3 maximum. You will then have to throw another stagger at him and then phase 3 will begin.

Phase 3
In phase 3, Crab Warden will cast the Surge attacks on you. In order to dodge these, you will have to stand in between the railings so that you don’t take heavy lightning damage.

Your main focus in this phase should be to destroy the left and right Auxiliary weapons. Once you destroy one of the Auxiliary weapons, the pilot will be exposed.

You should then cripple the pilot which will then expose the Generator. Here is when you throw your final blows at the generator and finish off the story of Crab Warden once and for all.

As a reward for defeating Crab Warden, you will obtain Metal Knuckles for Tifa in FF7 Remake