Final Fantasy 7 Remake Comparison With Original Game Brings Back Memories

There are two types of gamers currently obsessing over the release of Final Fantasy 7 remake. The first one is the hardcore FF fans that want to relieve one of the franchise’s best tales. The second is the premium graphics lovers that can appreciate an RPG when it comes packed with great gameplay and stunning scenery. Both can get some excitement rising up by seeing a recent Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intro comparison with the original one.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake comparison video comes from Reddit and it might come in only 30 seconds but it’s all we need to see where the franchise was and where it is now. The city-wide shots can now give shape and life to the original designs, finally showing Midgar in all its glory. The train shots are fast but still offer a trip down to memory lane.

The video originates from a leaked Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo video, featuring one of the game’s most loved characters. Of course, the demo video is full of spoilers. However, it does indicate the existence of a demo, which will release sometime in the next month, paving the way to the official release in March.

We might see the demo make its way to PS Plus games for February, although Sony doesn’t tend to release demos in that way. The publisher is depending on Final Fantasy 7 to become a game of the year for the Playstation 4, even though we still have The Last of Us 2 on the way too. Sony is closing up the PS4’s life cycle with an amazing lineup.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake releases exclusively on Playstation 4 on March 3. The game will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 until March 3, 2021 as its box art indicates. That makes Final Fantasy VII Remake a PlayStation 4 exclusive for a full year. We doubt that Xbox One will get to see FF7 getting added to its library since the next generation of consoles will be out by then. However, we’d love to see it on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X when the time comes.

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