Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard starts as Cloud falls from the reactor core, into an abandoned church, on a flower bed. This is where the flower girl introduces herself to you as Aerith after the cutscene. Below we have the complete walkthrough for FF7 Remake Chapter 8.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard

Aerith will ask you to stay around for a while. As soon as you agree, the main doors will burst open and Reno, along with some soldiers will walk in. Defeat the soldiers and you’ll face Reno afterward.

Reno has immense resistance to lightning and proportional damage, so focus on Punisher mode to counter his attacks to inflict pressured and staggered status.

Avoid using magic. After half of his health, he’ll deploy EMP orbs to create a moving electric field. You can either take out these charges, or just dodge them and keep on attacking Reno.

Once Reno is dealt with, Mysterious Spectres will come and grab Cloud and Aerith into the backroom and provide them cover to escape.

Head into the second floor, and a small cutscene will show you the exit through the attic. Keep going left and at the end, first go downstairs to get the talisman in the chest and then head up.

On the second floor, you’ll pass through a narrow beam. When Aerith is crossing it, the troops will break-in and fire on the beam, causing it to break.

At this point, you need to rescue her by dropping a Chandelier. Go around the edge, and use the broken rafters to shimmy across the bars on the roof. Go left and drop the one in the middle.

Follow the bars to the opposite end and go left to help Aerith with the bookcase. Move it, and continue from the attic onto the rooftops. In the attic, make a right as soon as you enter to get a chest.

Follow the path across the rooftops. Keep going and climb the water tower. As Aerith tries to climb the ladder, it breaks so be quick to grab her.

Keep following the path and after a small cutscene, she’ll eventually join party with you. Assign her materials and head on your way. You’ll now face Hedgehog Pie. Defeat the. and cross the fence to get to the Station.

Due to the reactor down, the train at the station is not working. As you go, be sure to use the vending machine and rest at the bench.

As you head onwards, another cutscene will trigger, showing more Shinra soldiers coming down to the slums. Aerith will suggest going through the backstreets. Turn left and follow the path.

Continue moving past the containers and you’ll face a swarm of Wererats. Kill them and head straight. At the crossroads, go and check the lever, which doesn’t work. Head left and move the large crate. Again continue and defeat the Hedgehog. Climb the ladder on the right.

First, turn right and head up the ladder, shimmy across the pipe and get to the container.

Drop from here and again climb the ladder, but turn left this time. Head straight and you’ll face Gorgers. Defeat them and leap over to the left to get another container.

Back to the original path, head straight and open the door. You’ll face a Smogger. Defeat it and make sure to maintain distance as it goes town.

To avoid getting damaged from it’s lightning. Here, you can go to the far right to unlock the door you first came across with was locked due to the broken lever. Now head left and you’ll find a gate.

Ignore it and take the ladder to go up and push the crate. Go down again and climb the ladder to the left and get across the platform.

You’ll drop down on the opposite side of the gate. Open it to regroup with Aerith and continue to the district.

Stick behind Aerith and listen to the announcement. Head down the path going to the right, triggering multiple dialogues along the way.

After several dialogues, you’ll arrive at Aerith’s House and trigger a cutscene. From there, you’ll go along Aerith to help her pick flowers to give at the orphanage.

Choose three flowers and bring them to the Leaf House. From here, you can opt to visit the materia shop and get the chests here.

When returning to the leaf house, turn left to speak to Oates. Approach him and he’ll return to Aerith. Interact with Aerith and then you’ll find out that a strange man ran away after seeing Cloud and Oates will volunteer to take you to him.

Follow him across a small alley to the children’s hideout. Here, you can examine a chest on the right to get Moogle Medal. After the hideout, you’ll go ahead to rescue some children.

Go left and through the hole in the fence and enter the building nearby. You’ll be ambushed here so be careful. Defeat the Hedgehog Pie that attacks you here, then climb down the ladder and takeout the next wave of enemies.

You can go up the ramp on the right to get some shinra crates. Back along the original path, keep on straight, then go past the bridge after a dialogue and cross sideways to get to the next area.

As soon as here, you’ll face Wererats, but be sure to save some lightning materia for later on. Among them, Smoggers can be dealt using any materia.

When all the enemies are down, head up to the ledge for a cutscene where Cloud rescues the children. Head back to the land and then go back to the ladder to make your way back to the slums. You’ll be attacked by a single Smogger, but you can make quick work of it.

Continue up the slope, sliding through the gaps and cross the bridge. Here you’ll be again ambushed by Hedgehog Pies. As you exit the building, you’ll trigger another cutscene.

After another cutscene, you’ll be free to explore the town once again. When ready to continue with the story, equip armor that provides physical defense boost and wind materia.

Head back to Aerith’s house and a cutscene will trigger. Here, Rude will insist on fighting the one who beat up his fellow Turk, Reno. After the cutscene, the fight will begin.

Rude has multiple strong physical attacks, and the fight is a melee based fight, so you need to keep the focus on punisher mode. He is weak to wind but has high resistance to fire and proportional damage. During the first phase of the fight, try not to switch to Aerith for combat as Rude will cast Sweet Dreams, a magical sleep spell on her.

Try to only use her when her charge is full, or to heal Cloud. During the second phase, Rude will cause shockwaves by punching ground, so dodge out of the way.

From time to time, he’ll glow golden. Try to not attack him here, as he can counter with an ability, dealing heavy damage. After the fight, head back through the red gates and follow tha path back to Aerith’s home.

After Aerith issues a request again, now follow her to go and find the MP Up materia. At this point, it is good to go and explore as much as you can.

After this, you’ll no longer have any access to Sector 5. After completely scavenging the area, head back to the house.

Now Aerith has left your party, and you’ll be sent into your room to sleep. You have to sneak out of here. As you move, be sure not to bump into anything, as it will wake Aerith and she’ll send back to your room.

If you finally sneak down to the living room, you’ll find Aerith’s mother there and she’ll ask you to never speak to Aerith again.

Exit the house, cross the alley and past the leaf house and proceed right. After moving past the weapon shop, a cutscene will occur, making the end of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 8.

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