Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum Walkthrough

Home Sweet Slum is the 3rd chapter of FF7 Remake where you once again step into Cloud’s shoes. Here we have the complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum Walkthrough to help you out with this chapter.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum Walkthrough

At the start of this chapter, you will be in Undercity Station. Head down in the city towards the checkpoint.

When you reach the first checkpoint marker, you will see an Undercity resident tear off a poster of the Avalanche crew. As Cloud watches him, some strange enemies appear from above and encircle Cloud and then disappear flying down an alley.

There will be a new checkpoint marker now. Move towards it to reach Sector 7 Slums. As you move forward, you will see a crowd watching news on a TV.

At the checkpoint, you will meet with Tifa, Marlene and Barret. All head inside the Seventh Heaven and at the door, Tifa will be given a flower by Cloud.

Inside, Tifa will ask you to spend some time with Marlene as she winds up work and closes the bar.

When you interact with Marlene, she will run away from you and Barret will confront you, thinking that you scared her daughter. Tifa will ask you come outside to talk when you ask her about your money.

Outside, she will offer you a place to stay in an apartment. Follow her down the street and up the stairs to the apartment, then open the door and head inside.

When you ask her about the money again, Tifa will inform you they only have 500 gil for you right now as all else was spent on preparing for the mission, but the rest will be paid tomorrow. She will then leave and Cloud will prepare to sleep.

In the next cutscene, Cloud will wake up from some noise in the room on the left. Head outside and then knock on the door. No one will respond and Cloud will enter inside.

Inside, Cloud will see Sephiroth but it will be just his imagination. In the room, it will be Marcus who was making the noise. After another short cutscene, Cloud will awaken. Open the door and head outside.

Scenario: Life in the Slums
Downstairs, you will meet up with Landlady Marle, who will ask you how your night went. After interacting with her, head on to Seventh Heaven to meet Tifa.

Tifa will ask you to help her replace filters in the whole village and collect money. First collect money from a nearby shop. You will receive 200 gil here.

The next client of Tifa is the landlady Marle. Go there to receive another payment of 200 gil. After that’s done, follow Tifa to the Weapon Shop and get the last 200 gil.

After that is done, Tifa will suggest you to help out in the Neighborhood until Barret arrives. Head up to the second floor to meet Biggs and Wedge. Biggs will give you a tutorial on upgrading weapons.

Add whatever bonuses to the Buster Sword you like, then Tifa will join you so the two of you can make your way to Scrap Boulevard to fight beasts for the neighborhood watch.

Scenario: A Job For The Neighborhood Watch
Tifa excels at close-range combat and uses combos to deal a lot of damage. Tifa has the following abilities at her disposal in FF7 Remake

  • Whirling Uppercut (Unique Ability)
  • Unbridled Strength
  • Divekick
  • Equipped Materia: Chakra

After upgrading your sword, head outside and start moving towards the checkpoint marker. Continue down the path until you reach the gate on the far west side of town, then head through to reach Scrap Boulevard.

In Scrap Boulevard, move through the area killing all enemies and monsters you see. Clear the full area and then return back to Biggs and Wedge.

While talking to Biggs, Cloud will feel some mysterious power in his mind. Tifa will ask you to come along with her.

Head outside and you’ll be able to return to the Weapon Shop, now that the vendor has heard more about you. He will apologize to you for being rude before. He will give you the Iron Blade, on the house, so equip it.

Scenario: Problem Solving
After you are done at the shop, Tifa will suggest to go to Wymer to find more work. Head outside and you will find him on the left.

Chat with him and he will introduce you to some clients. The first client will be Chadley. Chadley will introduce himself and give you the Assess Materia.

If you equip the Assess Materia and complete battle intel missions for Chadley, he will create new types of Materia. Equip the Assess and head back to Scrap Boulevard. Use Assess on two different types of enemies and return to Chadley to complete the mini-quest.

After you’ve finished, head back to Seventh Heaven with Tifa to meet with Barret.

Scenario: Shinra Reacts
On the way to the bar, you will see some Shinra soldiers taking away a local. Tifa tells Cloud that he may talk to the Shinra soldiers about Avalanche and they have to free him before he does so. Follow her and stand to her left to hide behind the sign.

When the soldiers are out of sight, head through the gate with Tifa and keep tailing them. There will be a cutscene and after that, take out all the enemies.

Once they are dealt with, walk over to Johnny and interact with him and another cutscene will trigger. Cloud will threaten to kill him unless he leaves town. He will do so the scenario will end and you will return to the bar with Tifa.

Scenario: Talking Strategy
Inside the bar, Barret will ask Tifa to gather everyone to go over the plan while you sit and wait. Tifa will return, followed shortly by Barret and the rest of Avalanche.

Barret will pay you, according to your performance on the last job. Then you’ll be asked to leave the bar as you are not a part of the next mission.

Scenario: Ominous Shadows
Outside, there will be some people looking for a man with a gun for a hand. They’ll say that they will pay for information and ask to talk somewhere quiet.

They’ll back out of their offer to pay for the information, so teach them a lesson for messing with you, then head back to the apartment for some rest.

Scenario: The Jessie Job
At your apartment, Jessie is waiting there for you, so head inside and she’ll ask for your help and give you an Ifrit Summon Materia.

Wrap up anything else you need to do, then talk to Jessie and tell her you are ready to go to close out Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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