Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 12: Fight for Survival Walkthrough

The 12th Chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake has you going through Shinra forces in order to stop them from dropping the plate on the pillar. In this guide, we will take you through the entire Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 12: Fight for Survival.

You must keep the forces at bay, and fight off Reno and Rude in a showdown in Chapter 12 of FF7 Remake, as Aerith attempts to evacuate the Slums of Sector 7 and save Barrett’s daughter, Marlene.

This Chapter of the game is emotional, and takes you on a rollercoaster, as the remake attempts to relive some of the greatest and saddest moments that were in the original FF7 Chapter 12.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 12: Fight for Survival

As the cutscene of the entire battle ends, Tifa will run in pursuit, only to end up being surrounded by a group of Enigmatic Spectres.

Know that these Spectres are immune to Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Berserk and Stop attacks so act accordingly. Once you’ve defeated them, start heading towards the pillar through the path in front of you.

As you reach the objective marker, you will see Barrett fighting in the middle of the tower with an attack helicopter. After Wedge falls down, you will have to continue the fight by helping out others fend off the Shinra forces.

Slums Pillar
For the entirety of this sequence, you will want to Link Up with the Avalanche, start by going up the stairs and fight off the different officers and sentry guns.

Further up, you are going to find Riot Troopers, simply get behind them to take them out whilst avoiding their AoE attacks.

Chest: A chest is found right behind the pillar, containing 2 orbs of gravity.

Once you open the chest, Slug-Ray drones are going to show up, dodge their attacks to avoid getting electrocuted and stunned. Use Magic to take them down if they’re at too much of a distance.

Head up the stairs from your left and onto the next level. Here, you will encounter more Enigmatic Spectres, who won’t attack you but leave you in the wake of a friend; Biggs.

After the emotional conversation, head up the ladder to your right, and go further forward taking down the Helitroopers that show up.

Chest: From there on, you can find a container with a bottle of ether, just around the corner.

Proceed towards the objective marker by going up the stairs and fight off more incoming troopers. Head up the ladder just ahead of where the troopers ambushed you.

Continue forward on the path, and head up the stairs another level; here, you will be spotted by the attack helicopter.

Seventh Heaven (Saving Marlene)
Once the cutscene ends, you will be in control of Aerith attempting to evacuate everyone.

Make your way to Seventh Heaven through the streets of Sector 7. After the helicopter crash, find an alternative way to Marlene, simply turn around and go right; follow the path until the cutscene.

Then, head towards the objective marker through the linear path and head into the Seventh Heaven, where you will hear the cries of a little girl. The girl can be found behind the Pizza counter, crying under.

Rescuing Marlene, you will find yourself and Tifa back at the pillar trying to stop Shinra.

Make your way through the onslaught of bullets and drones through to the objective marker. Once you get to the Elite Riot Troopers, vault over the desk to your left and climb up the ladder.

After the cutscene with Jessie, cut down your way through the Grenadiers, Troopers, Sentry Guns and Drones.

Chest: On the final level, before you cross the beam to the other side, there is a chest located around the pillar, that contains an elixir.

Cross the beam once you’re done exploring and head up another level, only to find Jessie covered in rubble.

Vending Machine and Blue Bench: Up the stairs, after the cutscene with Jessie, you can find the Blue Bench to restore your HP and MP, and also use the vending machine for some upgrades.

Head further after the vending machine to initiate a cutscene with Barrett.

Reno will finally jump down the chopper, and it will be time for the final showdown of the mission against Reno.

Reno is immune to Silence, Slow, and Berserk, but attacks like Lightning, and Proportional Damage work fairly well against him.

He has various abilities, and after a while, his partner Rude will be joining in on the battle. To get a better insight on the boss-fight, check out our in-depth guide regarding this battle.

The entire pillar is going to collapse, and you must find a way out before everything drops down. Approach Tifa and a cutscene will start with you and Garrett will get out using the zipline. This will bring Chapter 12 of Final Fantasy VII Remake to a thrilling conclusion.

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