Final Fantasy 7 Remake At E3 2018 Hinted, Possible Release Window Revealed

When talking about games we can’t wait to see getting released, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of the first that comes to mind. We may not have much information or even a hint about when the game is actually coming, however, the key people behind the upcoming Final Fantasy title have shared some new information about the project.

During an off-the-record discussion at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition in Japan in January, Kitase, Hamaguchi, and Nomura have talked about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, giving away its possible release window and hinting its presence at E3 2018. The discussion has been recorded and finished the translation lately, so we can now find more about it.

The first information we get is that the game is progressing smoothly and the developers are in the process of working out the base “technology”, as the translation indicates. The translation post on ResetEra continues:

At the current point they’re at the stage where they’re basically cramming a bunch of stuff into the game, but once they hit the stage of polishing up the look of things and can deliver something with sufficiently high quality, they will be releasing new footage. Hamaguchi anticipates this will be in the near future due to how smoothly things are progressing.

Furthermore, Kitase revealed that they want to keep polishing the game for the Final Fantasy 35th anniversary, which is actually in 2023. Hamaguchi, however, pointed out that that’s a long way off so we shouldn’t wait until 2023 to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake. At least we hope so.

Last but not least, Hamaguchi revealed that a lot is hanging on the next event – possibly talking about E3 2018 – and that they’re hoping to show off the game by then. Should we expect the first gameplay footage of Final Fantasy 7 Remake to be shown at E3 2018?

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