Final Fantasy 7 Remake Abzu Boss Guide

Abzu is a major boss of Final Fantasy 7 that you encounter in the Midgar Sewer during Chapter 10. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Abzu Boss guide will go over the pet of Don Corneo and how to defeat it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Abzu Boss

Abzu is a minotaur-like creature chained on both arms, has an unusually long hanging tongue, horns on the head and a long tail, all of which it uses to constitute its various attacks.

Just like any other boss battle, effectively fighting a battle against Abzu requires a breakdown of all its attacks, way of evading them and identifying windows for inflicting damage.

To start off, its weak point if its horns. Attack the horns disables it for a bit and breaking one off will paralyze it for a bit longer.

It is vulnerable to fire and magic, being a swamp creature. Summoning Ifrit is your best bet against it, it’ll deal immense damage owing to its fire attacks.

Right off the bat, it uses its basic melee smash attack whereby it smashes it’s fists on the floor in succession.

It does a lot of damage and block won’t be quite effective. You can avoid this by jumping backward as soon as you observe from its body language that it’s about to smash.

It also uses swamp water to damage you. The water gushes out the puddles on the floor after it charges for a bit; its horns glow up when its charging for this attack. Evade by steering away from the puddles.

When charging for this attack, Abzu kneels down; usually after distancing itself from the player, but when it does, this makes its horns approachable.

If you find yourself near it during this, hit it on the horns and then deal all the damage you can while it’s staggered.

For the charge attack, Abzu will place both hands on the floor to charge for the rush. It won’t give you time to move out the way so move away as soon as you recognize the charge attack coming. If you successfully dodge it, you can inflict some damage from the side while it slowly turns.

It will also body slam you from high up. It’ll climb a sidewall and then pounce on top of you. If Abzu manages to land on you, it’ll hold you still underneath it and attack you using its tongue continuously.

If this happens, switch the character and hit it as hard as you can to free the staggered character. If you dodge the pounce, it’ll roll and fall flat on the ground; that a pretty decent window for inflicting damage.

For another attack, it climbs up a wall then summons a gush of water out the huge pipe on the side. Steer clear of the pipe when it does this. Its horns will glow when it does this.

Just learn to identify these attacks and deploy evasive maneuver accordingly and instantly. Deal damage when you get the window, go for the horns as often as you can and Abzu will be defeated in no time.

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