Final Fantasy 16 Self-Determination Walkthrough

The Self-Determination side quest in Final Fantasy 16 tasks Clive with interrogating Dorys' condition and helping her with her issues.

The Self-Determination side quest in Final Fantasy 16 tasks Clive with interrogating Dorys’ condition and helping her with her issues. Like others in the game, this quest rewards you with different items; however, it is totally up to you if you want to participate, as it hardly affects any other quest.

As you go through the game’s main mission, Across the Narrow, you can participate in this quest by heading into Clive’s chamber and reading a note left on the table. The Seld-Determination quest begins right after you read the letter in FFXVI.

How to complete Self-Determination in FF16

The letter left by Cole in Clive’s Chamber is about Dorys’ well-being. Therefore, the first thing you need to do after accepting the quest is rush to Dorys and speak with her. To speak to her, you must head into the Hideaway, where you will find Dorys in a mess.

Search for Dorys at Martha’s Rest

After speaking with Dorys in a mess, a cut-scene will trigger, after which you now need to travel to Martha’s Rest. You will see a building near Martha’s Rest, where Dorys is located.

Another cut-scene will occur, and now is the time for the last part of the FF16 Self-Determination, in which you need to fight against imperial soldiers.

Journey to the Baum Arches

To defeat these soldiers, you must go to Baum Arches, far from your current location. Therefore, fast travel to Auldhyl Docks and head west to reach there. You can mount a Chocobo to reach the destination quickly.

Slay the imperial soldiers

Imperial Soldiers are ordinary enemies you have encountered throughout Final Fantasy XVI. Therefore you won’t find it much hard to defeat these enemies. These enemies, when killed, drop 810 EXP, 136 Ability Points, 40x Wyrrite, and 5x Magicked Ash. Thus, the quest ends right after you kill these enemies.

Self-Determination quest rewards in Final Fantasy 16

Like all other quests, you receive various rewards as you complete Self-Determination. The rewards for Self-Determination include:

  • 30 Renown
  • 25x Sharp Fang
  • 100 Wyrrite
  • 1600 EXP
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