Final Fantasy 16 Rekindling The Flame I And II Walkthrough

Rekindling the Flame I and II side quests in Final Fantasy 16 are both given to Clive by Martha to resolve the village and Bearers problems.

Rekindling the Flame I and II side quests in Final Fantasy 16 are both given to Clive by Martha. The open world of Valesthia, FF16, has 76 different side quests for players. Most of these are optional; you can still ace the game without completing them.

However, Rekindling the Flame sidequests is essential if you want to be rewarded with all curiosities for Wall of Memories, which consists of 16 highly significant resources.

How to complete Rekindling the Flame I in FF16

This quest will appear during A Song of Hope main quest. To start, you need to talk to Martha, and she will ask you to solve the problem of the village getting overcrowded.

Speak with Wade

As soon as Rekindling the Flame in FF16 begins, you must first speak with Wade. To do so, head out of  Golden Stables, and you will find Wade near Obelisk. Wade, give you another task of killing bandits located in Eastpool.

Evict the bandits from Eastpool

To do so, you first need to reach Eastpool, which is far. Therefore, you can use Eastpool Obelisk to reach there in no time. As you reach there, you will see five Bandits approaching you, one of which is a Healer in Final Fantasy 16.

A healer can bring all your efforts to zero by healing his allies; first, focus on this Bandit and knock him down; then, you can knock down the rest of them quickly.

After taking down Bandits, you need to fight with a mini-boss Two-Scoop, who is slim but can be dangerous; therefore, utilize your biggest Eikon ability and take him down.

Report back to Martha

After this, head back to Martha, and this will complete the quest.

Rekindling the Flame I rewards in Final Fantasy 16

As you complete Rekindling the Flame I, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 700 EXP
  • 25 Renown
  • 40 Steelsilk
  • 80 Bloody Hides
  • A Meteorite

How to complete Rekindling the Flame II in FF16

Rekindling of Flame II, similar to part 1, can be begun by traveling to Golden Stables inside Martha’s Rest. As you speak with Martha, she will give you this quest where you now need to reconstruct the entire Eastpool. Here is how you can complete this quest:

To reconstruct the entire Eastpool, you must gather green seeds and give those to the residents.

Slay the Akashic horde

Right after Rekindling the Flame II in FF16 begins you will encounter Akashic Monsters. These monsters include Akashic claws, Goblins, and Wolves and come in layers one after another. Therefore, be prepared for these attacks and use an Eikonic ability with a significant area effect to easily cover the maximum area taking these monsters down.

Slay the Akashic bandercoeurl

After you fight with these Akashic monsters, now is the time for a mini-boss battle. This boss is located in Rhiannon’s Ride in Final Fantasy 16. Therefore, rush towards the location and use your most robust Eikonic ability, which also has a stunning effect to take this boss down easily.

Once you have defeated the boss, speak with Martha again, ending the quest.

Rekindling the Flame II rewards in Final Fantasy 16

As you complete Rekindling the Flame II, you will receive rewards, including:

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