What’s The Max Level Cap In Final Fantasy 16?

Final Fantasy 16 allows you to level up Clive to scary powerful levels, but what's the max level cap? This article explains more!

As you play through Final Fantasy 16, complete quests and take down enemies, you’ll level up and get stronger. This will allow you to face and overcome various challenges that the game throws at you. But the question is, how far can you go? What is the max level cap in Final Fantasy 16 you can achieve?

The answer is a wee bit complicated since the game has two level caps. One of the regular playthroughs and one for New Game Plus mode. Here are the max level caps in the game.

The maximum level cap in normal mode

When you start the game in earnest with a grown-up Clive, you’ll be at level 10. This is the base level you can have and will level up from here. You will quickly level up during the first few levels from this point but then the game gets progressively harder and it takes time to achieve new levels.

The max level cap for your first playthrough in Final Fantasy 16 is level 50. It may seem like a low target but the game balances it out by making the later levels harder to achieve. In order to hit this level cap, you need to complete main story quests and as many side quests as you can. You’ll also need to finish hunts to get that extra XP.

Gamers who have pre-ordered would have a slightly easier time in achieving the max level cap since they get the Scholar’s Spectacles. This item helps in providing an additional 10% boost in XP gained. 

The max level cap inn Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus 

Once you reach level 50 and finish the game once, you will get the option to start a New Game Plus. You’ll get a few additional bonuses when you do so including retaining all your previously achieved levels. This means you’ll start off at level 50 and then level up all the way to level 100.

The challenge will be more significant this time but since you’re more powerful too, it’s balanced out. So to reach the ultimate level cap at level 100, you need to finish the game at level 50, start NG+, and then reach level 100.

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