How To Use Shiva Eikon Abilities In Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, Shiva is an Eikon of ice and her dominant is Jill whose abilities become available to Clive towards the end.

In Final Fantasy 16, Shiva is an Eikon whose abilities become available to Clive towards the end. Shiva is an Eikon of ice, and her dominant is Clive’s childhood friend, Jill. Clive encounters Jill early in the game during A Chance Encounter main quest.

Players get to fight Jill as Shiva’s Dominant and witness Shiva’s glory in action. This summons doesn’t unlock until the game reaches its second half. Jill remains by Clive’s side throughout the story and helps him with Shiva’s eikonic powers.

How to use Shiva in FF16

Clive can’t summon Shiva as he is not her dominant and can only control fire elemental Eikons in Final Fantasy 16. However, Clive can unlock and equip Shiva’s ice-based skills from her skill tree and use them during combat sequences against the enemies.

Shiva Eikonic abilities

We have compiled a complete list of Shiva’s offensive and defensive abilities and how Clive can use them in FF16.

  • Mesmerize: An ice shards attack can pull smaller enemies towards Clive and stun them temporarily. This skill can be used both in air and on foot.
  • Rime: A Ice Crystal trap attack deals non-stop freeze damage to enemies trapped inside the crystal, allowing Clive to breathe from the onslaught.
  • Ice Age: This Shiva eikonic ability in FF16 deals freeze damage and knocks enemies backward.
  • Diamond Dust: This storm attack deals freeze damage and knocks back enemies to deal significant damage.
  • Cold Snap: This traversal skill allows Clive to slide through the arena with the help of ice and freeze enemies while attacking them.

Tips on using Shiva’s abilities in Final Fantasy 16

Shiva’s abilities are potent and come in handy for crowd control and dealing massive cold damage to enemies. Diamond Dust is perfect for controlling mobs, while Cold Snap can cover the distance between Clive and significant enemies.

Most of Shiva’s skills can knock back enemies, and it can be used with Mesmerize to stagger enemies instantly for massive damage.

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