New Final Fantasy 16 Details Rumored For This Month

Square Enix will start revealing its newly announced Final Fantasy 16 somewhere in early 2021 or at least that is what the publisher said was the plan last year when the game was announced. Those information floodgates might be opening soon.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, business analyst and occasional insider Robert Serrano claimed that new details about Final Fantasy 16 will be coming this month. He mentioned that the reveal will be addressing PlayStation fans which is just another way of saying that Square Enix will not be announcing the game for PC anytime soon.

Serrano also pointed out that Final Fantasy 16 will not be alone. Square Enix intends to share new details about Final Fantasy 14 as well this month which is not actually a secret. There will be a digital showcase for Final Fantasy 14 on February 5, 2021, where the developer is believed to be announcing a new expansion pack.

It would be natural for fans to assume that Square Enix will be bundling both Final Fantasy games within the same announcement event. That however might not be the case. If Square Enix does plan to reveal Final Fantasy 16, it will likely be once Final Fantasy 14 is done. That or Sony Interactive Entertainment will be doing the honors in a new State of Play afterwards.

Final Fantasy 16 has not been given a release date but the game will reportedly be releasing before the end of 2021. The new installment has only been announced for PlayStation 5. The interesting bit being that a PC version was mentioned in the announcement trailer before being removed. That has leveraged previous rumors about Sony and Square Enix agreeing on a timed exclusive deal much like the recent Final Fantasy 7 remake.

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