How To Defeat Aurum Giant In Final Fantasy 16

Aurum Giant appears as a main story boss during The Last King main quest, 43rd main quest of Final Fantasy...

Aurum Giant appears as a main story boss during The Last King main quest, 43rd main quest of Final Fantasy 16. Aurum Giant is a part of boss gauntlet halfway through the chapter and it appears as soon as you defeat the Control Node boss.

Aurum Giant boss in Final Fantasy 16 is a large mechanical soldier carrying an Aether sword and shield, one in each hand. It is not a unique boss fight as players must have fought countless big mechanical soldiers up to this point. This fight paves the way for the final showdown with one of the best bosses of Final Fantasy XVI, Barnabas.

How to defeat Aurum Giant in Final Fantasy 16

Aurum Giant in FF16 has a massive stagger bar, making it very difficult to stagger it.

Aurum Giant leaps backward as soon as the battle begins in Final Fantasy 16 and uses its shield to throw an aether ball toward Clive. This attack can be evaded by sidestepping as the animation is painfully slow. This attack is followed by a flurry of attacks involving two overhead slashes and one horizontal slash with the sword.

To execute these attacks, Aurum Giant in FF16 jumps toward Clive before every slash. These strikes create waves of aether which deal additional damage on impact. However, like the previous attack, these slash attacks are a piece of cake to avoid. Just press the dodge button at the right time to initiate Precision Evade allowing Clive to deal additional punishment to Aurum Giant.

FF16 Aurum Giant boss

The next melee attack involves Aurum Giant stomping the ground with its massive feet to create aether explosions. Aurum Giant dashes towards Clive by dragging its sword along the floor and uses it to deliver a massive uppercut. This attack has zero target marking and can be avoided if you dodge it as soon as the animation starts.

One named attack Aurum Giant uses is called Golden Section. This attack enforces Aurum Giant’s sword with aether making it larger than life. This is followed by Aurum Giant using the now more powerful sword to deliver a horizontal slash attack.

This attack can be evaded by moving to the back of Aurum Giant. However, this attack creates small areas of aether on ground that explodes on contact. Make sure to avoid them while moving through the arena.

Final Fantasy XVI Aurum Giant

At this point, a second named attack appears called Aetherial Assault Cannon. Aurum Giant in FF16 summons lots of aether explosives that hit the arena at random locations. Their points of impacts are marked by golden lights hitting the floor. These explosives do a lot of HP damage and are difficult to avoid as Aurum Giant continues its offensive during this attack.

Once Aurum Giant is staggered, use Limit Break with all the abilities equipped to deal as much damage as possible. Aurum Giant starts using all its abilities after the stagger without break. Make sure to take it down as soon as possible or you will be in for a lot of pain.

Aurum Giant rewards in FF16

Dismantling the Aurum Giant in FF16 yields 3000 exp points, 80 ability points, 3000 gil, Wyrrite and Fallen Iron (unique crafting material).

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