Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough – All Main Quests, Detailed Walkthrough

Here we have a detailed Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough of all the Main Quests in Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition. We have listed all Chapters, Main Quests, and how you can clear them all easily without any problems. We have also detailed the locations of special items that you can collect in these chapters and might miss since they are hidden pretty well.

Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 15 is finally out on PC and it comes with all the features of the original console versions with the graphical prowess of the PC. It is an action packed RPG and is the fifteenth title in the long running Final Fantasy franchise. The game comes with an open world full of action and adventure. The main story of the game is very gripping and will surely make you come back wanting for more. Let us start with this great adventure with the following walkthroughs.

Chapter 0 – Prologue

The prologue is mostly a series of videos requiring very little input from you. Sit back and let the game show you the future and then return back to the present time. Keep following scenes and play the little input where you need to go towards the throne and after some cutscenes your prologue will be complete. It is mostly just a series of videos telling you about the story of the game.

Chapter 01 – Departure

You start the game by pushing the busted car to the nearest outpost. Keep holding R2 to push the car to Hammerhead where you will meet Cindy, the mechanic, who will fix your car. Yu can explore around a bit during the time she takes to fix your car. Once the car is fixed, she will call you and hand you a map.

Now head to the diner and ask the man behind the counter for directions around the city. He will explain about some locations and they will be marked on your map for later. These will range from food spots, treasure spots, park spots, outposts and campgrounds. You can visit these locations anytime you want.

After some time, Ignis will let you know about the weak financial situation. Speak with Cindy for a mission and she will give you a quest ‘The Pauper Prince’ in which you need to do some hunting while giving you some currency and a bronze bangle. Before setting off for the mission, you can look around the area for some items. They will be located in shiny spots.


Once you are all set, open up you map, set a location marker and start heading towards the red marker. You will come across three groups of Reapertails. Kill them and if you follow suggested strategies, you will earn some extra AP. Once done, your mission will be complete.

Once the first mission is complete, Cindy will call you yet again for another quest. Speak with her and you will get the quest ‘Hunter Becomes the Hunted’. You need to look for a person named Dave in some old shack. Head to the location marked and look for the note inside the shack. Once you pick up the note, some Sabertusks will ambush you.

Defeat them without being cornered and you will have no problem. If you are cornered, you will have one or more people down on your party. With these defeated, head to the next shack to find Dave. You will encounter more Sabertusks. Kill them all and once they are dead, Dave will come out of the shack.

Once this quest is complete, speak with Dave and he will give you the quest ‘The Mutant Marauder’. This is yet another hunt quest. If you agree to help him free of charge, you will get 30EXP and a Magic Flask. Before setting out, do not forget to grab the Debased Coin on the ground. Now head towards the quest marker and wait for some time.

Ignis will suggest setting up a camp nearby and head towards the new marker. Resting in different places such as wild camps, inns and trailers will give you an opportunity to level up your characters. Resting also refreshes your team. Once the night is over, wake up and head to the quest marker and you will encounter the giant monster Dave wants you to kill.

Use Greatsword against it for maximum effect. Try to stay at the monster’s back as much as possible and hit it from behind. Keep hitting it until it falls down and gives you the Red Tusk. Once the monster is down, you will get a call from Cindy saying that your car is fixed. Head back to the garage.

You also have the option of exploring the area and heading to some nearby food spots and treasure spots. Once you are done exploring, head back to the garage and meet Cindy. She will hand over your car to you and ask you to deliver something to the motel manager at the Longwyth Rest Area.

Agree to the quest and you will receive quest ‘The Errand Prince’. If you want to relax at the back seat and listen to some songs. In this case, Ignis will take the wheel and you can change the songs using left and right on the d-pad. Up and down toggles the music on and off. You can buy new music from shops as well.

Tipster inside the diner can give you some hunt quests as well. You can complete the hunt quests to get some bonus Gil, items and gear. Inside Cindy’s garage, you will find Phoenix Down and Hi-Potion. Once you are all set to move on, drive the car to the next location. Arrive at the next check post and get out of the car.

Head behind the big water tanks on the left and grab the Debase coin from there. Now head inside and speak with the motel manager. He will grab the delivery from the car and shortly royal dog Umbra will show up. Pick a response for Noctis’s bride-to-be. Before heading to the next area, you will get an option for a side quest. Speak with the person having the ‘?’ on his head for the side quest.

Once you are ready to move on, start heading towards Galdin Quay. Once you reach there, you can buy some new gear from the gear vendor. Sell all useless items from your inventory and you will get some extra Gil to spend. To find a Hi-Elixir, head to the north of the vendor and grab it at the end of the dock.

Head to the restaurant and meet the strange man. He will give you a coin after an odd encounter. Once he is gone, speak with the woman behind the counter and ask her for areas of interest around the area. Once she is done, you will have new markers on your map. Next to the lighthouse, you will find a Rusted Bit. Go and check the noticeboard and you will complete the quest.

Now go inside the restaurant and you will meet Dino who is a reporter. He will offer you some ferry tickets in return of a favor. Accept and you will begin the quest ‘A Gentleman’s Agreement’. There is also a side quest at the end of the dock where you see a cat with a ‘?’ over it. For the main quest, head to the location marked on your map and you will reach a massive bird that is asleep.

It is best to sneak around it and grab the mineral deposits. For the way back, the bird will wake, stomp on the entire team and leave. Once it leaves, head back to Galdin Quay and give Dino the stones. After the quest is complete, look around the area, explore the world and complete extra activities and side quests. Once you are done, speak with Dino again to proceed with the next quest.

This time you will get the quest ‘III Tidings’. Watch the cutscenes and you will find yourself heading back to the Insomnian border. Once past the imperial checkpoint, head to the area marked and deal with any enemy soldiers on the way. In the large room, find the narrow hallway leading to some holding cells. Grab the Hi-Elixir and Iron Shavings from there.

Keep eliminating enemies and once you reach the hill, you will encounter some snipers. You will have to use warp strike to get rid of them. In the last wave, grab the Drain Lance once the enemy drops it. Once you reach the clearing at the end, the chapter will conclude.

Chapter 02 – No Turning Back

Head to Cindy’s garage to start your next quest. Watch the cutscene and you will get the quest ‘Legacy’. Head to Prairie Outpost and meet Monica. Monica will inform you of the current situation and tell you to head to Tomb of the Wise and meet with Cor. Head to the location marked on your map and you will arrive at the tomb.

Outside the tomb, you will encounter some Daggerquils that will attack you once you go near. Deal with them and enter to tomb to initiate a cut scene. Once you receive the Sword of the Wise, watch the cutscene and the quest will conclude. For the next quest, ‘The Power of Kings’, Cor will join your party.

Move forward through the desert and see the imperial transports flying above. They will drop some enemies near you and a fight will follow. Keep an eye out for the machine gun emplacement. Try to take it out as soon as possible and get on it yourself. Use the gun to wipe out all enemies and wait for the second wave. Once all waves are complete, get off and head to the entrance of the dungeon.

Find the Bioblaster near the green container when you reach the dungeon entrance. Once Cor hands you the Tombkeep’s Key, he will leave the party. Once you enter the tomb, grab the Metal Scrap on the left and head right following the path. Find the generator and turn it on. This will light up the area. Now head forward towards the Electrolytic Condenser.

When you reach the fork in the path, head left to grab a Carbon Bangle and then head back to the main path. Open the door and enter the area ahead. Collect the Rusted Bit from the corpse nearby and head to the opposite side. You will see that the big green door is locked. Head straight and grab the Oracle Ascension Coin. Once done, head back to the green door and you will see that the door is unlocked.

Enter the door and you will arrive inside a big room. Grab the Ether on the ground and watch out for falling rocks from the top. Look for the stairs heading up on the other side and pick up the green choker from there. The room nearby has a tank from where you can harvest some lightening energy. Pick up the Electrolytic Condenser from the ground and head to the narrow passage in the room. Pick up the Rusted Bit inside and unlock the door ahead. Keep following the path; do not bother with the first split. Keep heading straight. On the next split, go down.

At the fork, take the right path and enter the room at the end. Here you will be ambushed by some goblins. Defeat them all and pick up the Oracle Ascension Coin. Opposite here, you will find an Elixir. Grab it and head through the green door. Here you will encounter more goblins and a generator. Kill the goblins and turn on the generator.

Keep checking your map for any extra rooms around you and explore them to find some bonus items. Follow the path until you reach a blue door. Keep heading straight until you face a giant Archne. Kill the Archne and pick up the Debased Coin in the room. Now find the gap in wall and exit the area. Follow the path and you will arrive at the Tomb of the Conqueror.

Once inside, pick up the Axe of the Conqueror. You cannot do much in the dungeon at the moment so it is best to head back to the entrance. Once at the entrance, Cor will call you and assign you the next main quest ‘Declaration of War’. Head back and visit Monica for some intel. Also, visit the shops and purchase new items for the team. Find a place to rest to save your experience as well.

Once ready, head to the location marked on the map until the party splits and Noctis teams up with Cor. Now simply follow Cor around the base, killing all enemies coming your way. Once you have cleared the base, you will end up back in the streets. The party will re-unite at this point. Get ready for the boss battle starting soon.

The boss here is MA-X Cuiress driven by Loki. This giant machine is very hard to defeat using melee attacks so you must use magic attacks against it. At the start of the battle, some imperial troops will be guarding Loki. Take them down first and then focus on the boss itself. While at a distance, the boss will shoot missiles at you. Avoid them at all costs. Once the boss is down, the chapter will be complete.

Chapter 03 – The Open World

Once you arrive in the new city, your first goal must be to populate your map of icon. Find all diners that you can and speak with Tipsters for directions. Once you have discovered these locations, explore the area and find new places and items. Look for side quests and hunts that you can complete before starting the next main story quest.

Once you are done exploring, head inside the plaza and then to the hotel. You will receive a Magic Flask as a reward when you meet Iris. Accept Iris’s offer the get the main quest ‘Burden of Expectation’. She will take the whole team for a city tour the next morning. All you need to do is follow her and say the nicest options when chat options pop up. These will give you the most XP. Return to your hotel to complete the quest.

The next main quest, ‘The Sword in the Waterfall’, is given by Talcott in which you need to go and find an ancient weapon. Head to the location marked on the map and find the rocky ledges. The entrance to the dungeon is located behind these. Save the game outside the entrance and then head inside the dungeon to find the sword.

Inside the grotto, you will encounter some Imps. Kill them all and slide down from the next downward slope. Grab the Ether from the narrow ledge before the hole. Up ahead, you will also find a Fossil Wood. At the end of the path, you will come across a gap that you need to pass through.

Pass the gap and get ready for a slide after dropping down. At the bottom, you will encounter an Arachne. Defeat it and keep heading towards the marker. You will eventually arrive inside the caves. Caves can be a little tricky. Always look for narrow passages to pass through until you reach the end where a pack of mindflayers will ambush you.

Defeat them all and collect the Sword of the Wanderer inside the tomb. Return outside to complete the quest and start the next main quest. Your next quest is ‘The Way of God and Kings’. You need to return to the hotel in Lestallum and head to the outlook. Once there, you will find the woman. Walk past her and Ignis will learn a new cooking recipe.

Keep heading straight until you encounter Ardyn. He will offer to take you to Archean. Follow him to his car. Here you will be presented with a choice. You can choose any answer you like as it affects the bonus that you get at the end. You can also let Ignis handle the situation, which will give him 1000EXP instead.

Chapter 04 – Living Legend

Chapter 4 starts with the main quest ‘A Dubious Drive’ in which you need to follow Ardyn’s car. Keep following the car until you arrive at the Coernix Station. Here you will have the freedom to look around and explore the area. Also some side quests are located in the area so you can complete them at your will.

Once you are done with the exploration and other things, find Ardryn inside the shop and talk with him. This begins the second main quest of the chapter ‘Onward to the Disc’. You will have to follow Ardryn’s car again. Once at the imperial blockade, wait for him to get the gate open and then drive through the checkpoint.

Keep driving a little further until you reach a rock path. When the path narrows down, dump the car and continue on foot. At the Royal Tomb, grab the Blade of the Mystic and watch the cutscene to start the next main quest.

The next main quest is ‘The Archean’ and it starts with you at the bottom of the cliff with Gladio. Continue on the path avoiding the molten rocks. You will find plenty of fire and lightning mineral deposits here, which you can harvest at your will. Keep following the path and you will eventually reach the marker through the hole.

Pretty soon, you will start a conversation with Gladio when he states that he is sick of Noctis’s complaining and demands an answer. When you choose ‘yes’, Noctis’s strength is increased by 50%. Further, down the path, you will also come across a Mega-Potion. Grab it and you will soon receive a call from Ignis’s warning.

Defeat the imperial soldiers up ahead and the ready for the final main quest of this chapter. The final main quest is ‘The Trial of Titan’, which is essentially a boss battle. Move ahead and you will get the objective of surviving. When the total foot lands, you must use the block button to fend it off. Gladio will save you and then you must run avoiding the Titan’s punches.

When your objective changes, you will have to block and parry different Titan attacks. Keep at it until you get the option to counter the attacks. Now your main goal is the destroy the Titan’s arm. Looking up during this section allows you to easily spot incoming attacks to block and parry.

Soon after some time, Prompto and Ignis will join you and they will use the combined efforts to defeat the Titan. You will get Armiger Chains as well which we recommend that you use against the Titan, as they are super effective against it. Once you get the strategy to deal 15,000 damage to the Titan you must unleash all hell on the Titan. Use whatever skill you want to deal as much damage as possible to the Titan before performing a finisher to end the Titan as well as the chapter.

Chapter 05 – Dark Clouds

Chapter 5 starts with ‘The Hexatheon’s Blessings’ main quest. As soon as the quest starts, head to the location of the first runestone. Kill any Gigantoads you encounter on the way. Ignis can use the meat in cooking. You will also get a special oil from these Gigantoads which is later required for another quest. Touch the first two runestones and your quest will be complete.

For the third runestone, you will receive the quest ‘The Trial of Ramuh’. You need to head to the heart of the Fociaugh Hollow. This is yet another dungeon so make sure you are prepared before heading down. Once you have reached the cave, grab the Ancient Dragon Tooth inside it and get through the gap ahead.

You will encounter many Imps and Thunder Bombs inside. Use magic against them as it keeps them at bay and proves effective as well. Also, try to eliminate the Thunder Bombs quickly as they might become a problem in larger numbers. Keep heading straight until you arrive at the flower patch where Allural Shallots are present.

Harvest as many and find the Oracle Ascension Coin hidden in the flower patch somewhere. While you are at it, grab the Oracle Card as well from the nearby rock. Once done, keep heading further inside.

You will arrive at a fork in the path. Going right will give you a Fossil Wood while going left will give you Thieves’ Way. Grab them both and then head for the Amethyst Bracelet located at the bottom center of the circular path. Once you have collected all the items, jump down to the lower area and collect the Rusted Bit and a Fire Energy deposit. Ahead, you will come to another fork where a Magic Flask can be found on the left side.

Take the right path to further advance in the cave until you are ambushed by a group of Imps. Kill them and then use the narrow gap to access the next area. Prompto will suddenly disappear and some monsters will be present in the area. Defeat the monsters and continue ahead. Grab the Ancient Dragon Tooth before jumping through the hole.

Before reaching the final runestone, you will come across a mini-boss like creature called Naga. It can inflict Toad so if you do not have Maiden’s Kiss, getting sprayed another time will return you to normal. We recommend using the Greatsword against it for an easy kill. Once it is down, touch the final runestone and get Ramuh’s mark. Return to the entrance once done.

Your next main Quest is ‘Engaging the Empire’. Get back to your car and travel to Archeole Stronghold. Camp on your way at a haven. Once you get the objective to retrieve Regalia before daybreak, you will have to embark on the task. Your main goal here is to only pinpoint the location of the car instead of driving it out of the base.

Enter the base. Use stealth as much as you can but if you get detected, eliminating all enemies near you will make you go in stealth mode again. Keep following Ignis to the waypoints throughout the base, eliminating enemies on the go. Before climbing the tower, you will have to deal with six soldiers stationed there. Once they are down, climb up using the stairs on the right side.

Once up, you will see that the next marker is at the next gate. Unlock the door by warping to it and approach the car. Before nearing it, make sure that you have eliminated all enemies around you, as more will soon arrive when you get close to the car. Once soldiers and Mechs surround you, try to hold on until you get the prompt to summon Ramuh.

Get in a safe spot, trigger the prompt and watch as Ramuh wreaks havoc in the base. Once everything is destroyed, head towards the car and drive it all the way to Lestallum. There, go inside the hotel to meet Iris. The chapter will conclude.

Chapter 06 – A Way Forward

The chapter starts with the main quest ‘All Set to Set Sail’. Before starting your journey to Cape Caem, make sure that you have completed all the extra things such as hunts, side quests, and item hunt in the current area as you will not be able to do them freely once Iris gets in the car.

Once you are all set, get in the car and head towards Cape Caem. This will be a long journey with some fun interactions along the way. You will eventually spot an imperial flying fortress and then stop at Old Lestallum shortly. Check the diner for any available hunts. If you are all set, keep heading to the imperial base.

Once you have arrived there, kill the security guards stationed at the watchtower. Climb to the top and look at the base. Ignis will suggest capturing the base commander. Now your main goal is to track Caligo and keep him in sight. Stealth is advised, as the mission will fail if you are spotted.

Use towers for better view of the surroundings and use warp kills to eliminate any soldiers that are alone or are getting in your way. Once you are close enough to Caligo, knock him out and Ignis will carry him away. Now you must head towards the Magitek generator. You can use any means for this part, as stealth is no longer required.

As you are heading towards the generator, eliminating enemies, Ignis will join you and tell you that Caligo has escaped. Continue towards the generator until Aranea Highwind stops you. You need to defeat her before you can continue with the objective. She moves fast but nearly everything you have deal the same amount of damage to her.

You must adapt to the same fighting as her to best her. Remain agile and quick on your feet. Use swords as much as possible for this fight as you need to be moving quickly as well with her. Each time her jump attack misses, counter her for some quick damage. Evade and counter as much as you can during the fight, as they are your best friends here. During the battle, many imperial soldiers will also come to her aid. Get rid of them before tackling the boss again.

Once she is defeated, head back to the car and continue on towards Cape Caem. There you will meet Cindy. She will lead you inside the lighthouse and inform you about the missing component. You will also find Talcott here. From this point onwards, Cid will be found at the lighthouse as well instead of Hammerhead.

On your way to the lighthouse, grab the Oracle Ascension Coin on the ground and after the cutscene with Cindy, head to the cottage and bag the Magic Flask. Use the room upstairs to rest. Once you are ready to move on, speak with Iris to begin the next chapter. Gladio will not be a part of the next chapter.

Chapter 07 – Party of Three

Chapter 7 is based on a single main quest that has the same name as the chapter ‘Party of Three’. It is because Gladio is away from the party for this chapter and you will have three part members. Before starting the main quest, you can complete as many side quests and activities as you like.

Once you are ready to start the main quest, get into your car and head to the marker. On your way, Prompto will ask you to stop to take pictures at various points so you must stop and let him take pictures. You will also come across some imperial soldiers and Mechs but they should be no problem for you.

After arriving at the Steyliff Grove, talk with Ardyn who is waiting for you at the gate. We recommend that you grab the Shattered timepiece and Ether from the nearby treasure spots and then talk with him. Aranea will soon join your party and you will soon enter a dungeon, which makes this chapter another dungeon. After crossing the main room, turn left and head inside the small room to find a Chrome Bit.

Check your map and start heading south turn left at the hallway and you will come to another room. Open the door here to enter a room and collect the Rusted Bit on the floor. Now turn towards north and keep heading until you come to a Magic Flask, flans and skeletons. Defeat them, collect the Magic Flask and shimmy across the ledge to go downstairs to advance to the next area.

Keep following the path until you find some more skeletons. Defeat them and grab the item on the ground. Head down one floor and enter the big area. There is some exploration here as well if you want to collect some extra items. Jump down a level to explore and then head back up. Continue on the path and before reaching the marker, you will come across a giant Iron Giant.

This is a mini boss and you must defeat it before you can advance to the next area. You will end up at a lower floor where the battle will take place. Once the Iron Giant is out of the way, keep following the path you were on to end up in a new area. Follow the path, which is pretty straight forward after this point until you reach the lowest level of the dungeon.

Here you will encounter the final boss of the dungeon, a giant Quetzalcoatl. It features a powerful lightning AOE attack that you must avoid at all costs. This attack will cover almost the entire area in front of the boss so you must be very careful. You must use a weapon, which is most effective against the boss, and use warp attacks as much as possible.

Try to stay in the air as much as possible because the frontal attack is very hard to dodge while you are on the ground. Use Prompto as much because he has the most range attacks and increased range as compared to others. Finally, when the boss is down, harvest ingredients from the flower patch and pick up the Mythril Ore. Return to the entrance of the dungeon to conclude the chapter.

Chapter 08 – Seaworthy

Chapter 8 is a small chapter comprising of two small main quests. The first quest you get is ‘A Precious Source of Power’. Holly will give you a task to clear a power plant of daemons with hunter. Once inside the power plant, you will see that the power plant is full of Goblins and Garchimacera.

Defeat them all and grab the Silver Bangle on the way out of the power plant. Return to Holly and get the Mythrill Component. For the next quest, ‘Brave New World’, you need to head to Cape Caem again. Before leaving, go to Iris and talk with her. She will give you some Moogle Plushies.

At this point, you will get a lot of side quests. We recommend that you complete as many as possible before starting with the main quest. Once you are ready to move on, go to Cid at the lighthouse and pull the lever to activate the elevator after the conversation ends. When Umbra arrives, write something in her notebook and the elevator will start.

Once the elevator stops, get out and grab the Heliodor Bracelet right in front of the elevator. Speak with Iris and Talcott before heading down and then watch the cutscene that follows. Speak with Cor after gaining control again and get the Magic Flask. Head to the boat and grab the Hi-Potion at the end of the dock before getting in. Speak with Cid and start your journey.

Walking left on the dock also gives you a talk prompt. Interact with it, have the conversation with the man and continue on to the next chapter.

Chapter 09 – Callings

Your first quest in chapter 9 is ‘Altissia, City on the City’. Watch the initial cut scene of the boat ride and you will arrive in Altissa. Your main modes of transportation here are the colored gondolas. Each colored gondola will take you to the area of that color. When you get in control, walk to the city gates and take with the gatekeeper.

Once pass the gate, you can ask Ignis or Cid for help during the gatekeeper encounter as well, head towards the Weskham’s bar. You can take the gondola travelling on the yellow route and select ‘Floating Market Station – Maagho’ as the destination. Upon arriving at your destination, speak with Weskham and complete the conversation with him using all options in the dialogue.

When the first secretary arrives, talk with him again and then continue further to Leville Station. The next main quest ‘The Summit’ will start at this point. Head to the hotel and meet Gentiana. Gentiana will unlock Umbra’s powers for you to travel back in the past. She will also give you the Messenger’s Amulet.

It is important to mention at this point that the game will follow a linear path from now and for completing any side quests and hunt quests or any other extra activity; you will have to use Umbra’s powers to travel back in time. Call Umbra and choose ‘travel to past’ option to travel back and when you want to travel back to the current time, simply call her again and choose ‘return to the present’ option.

At the hotel, you can choose from two different rooms. A regular room for 500 Gil and a royal suite for 30,000 Gil. There is also a weapon shop near the hotel where you can go and manage or upgrade your weapons. Once you are done with the room and exploration, take the yellow route gondola and arrive at the Ministerial Quarter Station. Here you will need to visit secretary’s estate.

During the negotiation phase, you must choose responses depending on what type of impression you want to have on first secretary. If you manage to earn her complete trust, you will earn 4 Oracle Ascension Coins at the end. You will earn less depending on how much trust she has on you if you fail to achieve complete trust level.

The next quest ‘Into the Fray’ will start after this point and you will be facing enemy soldiers. Defeat them and run towards the balcony to start a cutscene where you come face to face with a leviathan. This is the final boss of this chapter. As soon as you get in control, block and parry all leviathan attacks until Prompto gets you close enough to jump on the face. As soon as you jump on Hydrean’s face, you will get the final quest ‘The Trial of Leviathan’ of this chapter.

The boss battle with the Leviathan is very tedious and requires patience. It not only has a huge amount of health but it has different phases of the battle. For the first phase of the battle, you will have to resort to warp strikes if you want to deal any damage. Also, keep in mind that falling in the water from great heights will make you lose your health. You can warp back to the island and then repeat the process until a cutscene starts.

After the cutscene is over, the battle will enter the second phase. During this phase, Noctis will transform into Super Noctis and will not lose much health when he is hit. In addition, he will have infinite Armiger allowing great combat advantage. This phase will also have some QTE sequences, which you will have to ready for. Finally, when the leviathan is down, you will complete the chapter.

Chapter 10 – The Heart of a King

The first main quest of this chapter, ‘Off the Rails’ is a short one and does not require you to do much except watching a cutscene in which you take a tour of the train until it reaches its station. Get off the train and the main quest will conclude. You get a new quest after it ‘The Hand of the King’.

Get off the train and head south of the platform to grab a Remedy and Debased Banknote. Continue down the same path and you will find a Mega-Potion at the end. There is a train on your right side, which has many cabins. You can use one as lodgings or head to the diner. On your way there, grab the Hi-Elixir near the entrance of the diner. Inside, you will find a Remedy on the count.

At this point, inside your lodgings you can call Umbra and go back in time if you want to complete some side quests. If you are ready to move on with the main quest, head towards the marker of the main quest near some shops. You can check the shops for items. You will also find an Ether and Beautiful Bottle at the end of the same platform as that of the shops.

You can now go downstairs and grab the Broken Harmonica and Chrome Bit at the end. Now head back towards the lift and choose if you want to take Ignis with you or not. Taking him with you is a good option. He might slow you down a bit and others will complain about this. Keep with the team while moving and try not to get too far ahead of them.

Keep following the main path and you will end up in a swamp. Heading straight you will find a fork in the path. The right path is the way ahead but take the left path first for some goodies. Under the metal stairs, you will find a Strong Bone. Now climb up these stairs to find a Mega Phoenix. You can explore this area to fill your map as much as possible. You will also find a Remedy here.

Once you are happy with the exploration, head towards the marker to continue the main quest. Continue along the path until you come to a vehicle blocking the path. Make your way towards the rusty control box and it will tell you that you need a key for it. Head towards the new marker and you will encounter some Falxfangs. Kill the all and grab the key. Turn on both generators and head back towards the vehicle. Move it out of the way and continue down the path.

When you see the eggs, check them and a Marlboro will suddenly attack you. Time for a battle. Use your greatsword and fire magic attacks against it as it weak against them both. Every time you kill it, it will somehow revive itself. Simply continue killing it. It is all part of the quest. At a certain point, you will get a prompt to rejoin your team. Rejoin them and wait for Ignis to throw a fireball at the boss. Once it hits the boss, move in and finish it off.

After the boss is dead, enter the Royal Tomb, grab the Katana of the Warrior and return to the station. Speak with the Stationmaster and you will board the train to conclude the chapter.

Chapter 11 – In the Dark

Chapter 11 is also a short one with just one main quest ‘Express Train for Trouble’. Watch the initial cutscenes and you take control when the time is frozen all around you. A little later, Ardyn will appear. Move in to attack him and once he flees, follow him to the back of the train. When you corner him, respond to the dialogue prompts.

The train will stop soon and Prompto will join you. Keep heading towards the back of the train. Eliminate any Magitek soldiers that come inside from the windows. When the big explosion happens, kill all Magitek soldiers around the train and prevent them from getting close to it. The train has a life bar and if it reaches zero, the mission will fail.

A tank will soon join the battle. Warp to it and destroy the tank as quickly as possible. For the next phase of the battle, four assault carriers will join the battle. To destroy them, you must warp to each of them and kill the Magitek shocktrooper inside them. Once all four assault carriers are down, head back to the train to conclude the chapter.

Chapter 12 – End of Days
Chapter 12 starts with the main quest ‘End of Days’. At the start, head to the front of the train and eliminate any Shaga and Gargoyles that come in your way. Continue eliminating them and after some time your next objective will pop up. Train will soon exit the tunnel and reach its destination. Until it does so, you need to continue eliminating all enemies on board.

At the station, the next main quest ‘Where She Lived’ will begin. When you get off the train, before following Aranea, head in the opposite direction and you will find a Reflex Enhancer at the end of the platform. Look for it behind some crates. Now head to the other side and you will find a Muscle Stimulant. Now go back and start following Aranea.

Meet with Biggs and Wedge when you get to them. Biggs will inform you about Maria. You can look around here for some shops that will help you stock up on items. Once done, continue to the marker and do not forget to grab the Magitek Booster lying near the Mech by the rock. When you see the bridge, cross it and pick up the Sky Gemstone. Find Maria, speak with her, and then start heading towards the train.

On the way back, speak with Aranea again. After the encounter with the little girl, pick up the Flesh Fortifier. Board the train and you will complete the main quest. Your next main quest is ‘Into the Arctic Crevasse’. Once you get back in control, explore all cars of the train to get some goodies. Once done, head to the front of the train and receive the phone call. This main quest will end as well.

The last main quest of this chapter is ‘Breath of the Glacian’. Once outside the train, defeat the group of monsters including a Deathclaw. Once all are down, board the train again and meet with Ardyn again. A series of cutscenes will follow. Watch them all and once you are back in control, look at frozen Ardyn and attack him to conclude the chapter.

Chapter 13 – Redemption

Chapter 13 is a long chapter and contains a series of main quests. The first main quest is ‘The Imperial Citadel’. You will start this chapter on the train again. Some monsters will attack you but since Ardyn has sealed you weapons, you have no other option but to run away from them. Head back to the freight car to get in Regalia and escape.

You will have to drive through a tunnel to reach the end of it. You need to do this before the timer ends as the gate will close you will be locked in, failing the quest. During the drive, Nifs will try to blow your car. Avoid the explosions as much as possible. Explosions will cause your car to spin out thus wasting your time, avoid them. Once you are out, your car will be busted no matter how good you drove through the tunnel.

Continue on foot. If you turn around and head a little sideways, you will find an Oracle Ascension Coin. Keep heading towards the markers and you will come to the train. Go under it and once you are on the other side, the train will collapse, blocking the way behind you. You will be alone from now on.

Continue following markers, passing the train ahead and climbing the building after it. Once on the other side of the building, if you are surrounded by monsters, jump repeatedly to escape. Enter the room up ahead and watch the cutscene. This will start your next main quest ‘A King’s Struggle’. Now that you have worn the ring, you will get some cool spells. Use Death to instantly kill enemies and restore your health.

It works only on small enemies and that too requires a little time to cast so keep this thing in mind. When you pull the lever to open some doors, you will find a Beautiful Bottle and Ether in the same room. Find the path around the crates and reach the green lit door. Open the door and continue in the hallway and into the next room. Take the Flesh Fortifier and pull the lever inside the room.

Now you need to head back to the main room and head southwest to the hallway with the two door. You can rest inside the blue doors. You can also save your game here. Save your game, rest for a while and then continue ahead using the green door. Once past the green door, you will end up in a large area. You will gain access to the second spell of the ring using which you can send enemies of all sizes to another dimension.

This will use most of your MP so be careful with its use. Search the area for goodies. You will find many useful items here. Once done, head towards the control room located at the northeast of your map. You will arrive there after opening some more doors.

Once there, you can unlock the room located at the far west of the map. This also unlocks another spell for the ring called Holy Spell, which can be used while defending. Head towards the Elevator room and eliminate all the Shaga there. Pick up the Rare Coin and Hi-Elixir and use the elevator to reach the next floor. Explore the next area and grab all items you can find.

Continue down the corridor until you encounter the Rogue Axeman. They patrol on set routes so you can hide anywhere that does not come in there route to evade them. Death does not work on them so if you want kill them; you will have to resort to Alterna and Holy Spell. Alterna is your friend here. Use it to vanish all Axemen so that the doors unlocked.

Continue to follow the path until you find the Security Card in the room located in the top-right side. Now head towards the circular room with four doors. One door will be open here is the right bottom one. You will end up in a long corridor. In the first room, you will find a Mega-Elixir. Grab it and continue after Prompto. If you look in one of the small rooms ahead, you will find a Shattered Timepiece.

To upgrade your security card’s level, you can find the device beyond the large door at the southwest end of the corridor. You must increase the level of your security card before heading any further. There is a dorm here where you can save your game. Save your game and continue following the marker by heading upstairs.

Upstairs, all doors are inaccessible at the moment. Skip them and tender to the Rogue Axemen first. Eliminate them all and head ahead to the room beyond the Level 2 door to find a Magitek Core and Superior Restorative. Now head back towards the Level 2 door and open it. Find the Hi-Elixir inside and look for a gap on your left side. Use it to get to the next area.

In the next room, you will encounter some more Rogue Axemen and a level 32 Uttu. Use Alterna on them and then continue further ahead to check on Prompto. Once done, return to the circular room with four doors. You will see that the door on the left is now open. Head for the elevator and use it to reach the next floor.

On the next floor, you will have to find the Laser Sensor on the southeast catwalk. You will not be able to get to it right now because of your keycard. Grab the Muscle Stimulant from the northeast catwalk and head outside. You will encounter a Gargantua here.

There is no other way to defeat it other than using Alterna. This place is a big one and has many useful items. You can use Alterna on all monsters here to eliminate them and then finally explore the area in peace. Look for many goodies in the area.

Once done, get on the lift in the northwest corner of the hall and get to the lower level. Make your way to the southeast side and climb the stairs. Reach the lift, go up and grab the Generator Keycard. Head back to the previous area and use the card to access the elevator. This will conclude the current main quest and start the next main quest ‘Zegnautus Keep’.

Once you acquire the Sword of the Father from Ravus, you can access the Zegnautus Keep. Save your game in the dorms before heading down further in the game. You will see that some poisonous gas has filled the air. Your goal is now to turn off the gas.

Head towards the marker on the map. You will come across different rooms with many items in them but you can return to them after shutting down the gas to collect them. Once you reach the marker room, check the control panel and shut down the gas. Once done, you can head back to the previous areas to search them for items.

Once you are happy with the exploration, continue towards the marker. Keep checking rooms here and there for some useful items. Once you arrive at the device, upgrade your card and stock up on items. Grab any useful items found in the room. Exit the room via the level 4 door and head west. You will end up in a big area. You can use a dorm here.

Continue ahead and you will see many rooms. Search all rooms for items such as Mega Potion, Chobham Armor and Imperial Medal of Honor.

Head towards the quest marker and reach the elevator. You will encounter a level 35 faras when you activate the elevator. Fight it for the time being and once the elevator is open, jump inside it. Before you can head anywhere, you must activate the power first. Head for the control room and activate the switch so that the electrical doors are functional. Pick up the Ether near it as well.

Now that the power is back online, the doors will be working now. You can explore these rooms for more goodies. Once you are ready to move on, follow the quest marker to reach the next control switch. Turn the power on, get on the elevator and reach the floor above. You will end up in a new area. Here you will find three panels controlling specific set of doors. You must activate two circuits here that will unlock the door to the exit.

Before working on the circuits enter the rooms and grab the different keycards in them. Find the Panel B keycard in one of the rooms, work on the panel and unlock more doors for securing the remaining keycards. Collect all three keycards and then head back to the main puzzle to solve it.

If you look around more, you will find a vending machine and a dorm to save your game. Solve the puzzle and you will end up in a room, which will have the machine to upgrade your keycard to level 5 unlocking.

Unlock the level 5 door and operate the panel in the next room. Operating on this panel will sound the alarm and many Magitek soldiers will come and attack you. Once you have dealt with them, climb the catwalks located at the south side and find some goodies located both at the right side and the left side. You will also find the security card upgrading machine located on the same catwalk. Upgrade your card and get ready for another Magitek Soldier ambush.

Eliminate all the soldiers and take down the Wraith once you are heading back. Once all the enemies are defeated, you will be able to open the level 6 door. Save your game at the dorm and look for items in the rooms. You will find a Reflex Enhancer and a Hi-Elixir in here. Head for the marker and you will be trapped suddenly. Kill all Magitek soldiers while you wait for your friends to appear. Make sure you avoid the side walls at all costs as they are all electrified.

This will conclude this main quest and take you to the final main quest of this chapter ‘Reunion and Recovery’. In this quest, your main goal is to find Prompto. To locate him, head to the next area and unlock the doors using one of the consoles. Once the doors are open, head to the north ones to grab some items such as the Muscle Stimulant and Bulltproof Suit.

Then continue following the quest marker. Do not forget the side rooms for more items as you go. Once you reach the prison block, search all cells for items and then finally head towards Prompto.

Now return to the dorm and save your game. Continue towards the quest marker. To get your weapons back, destroy the servers at the side of the room. Continue until you arrive at the hangar. Here, you will have to encounter the monster horde outside. After some backtracking, get ready for the boss battle. For this chapter, the boss is Ravus. He has a lot of health but he has few attacks. He is also a little difficult to judge about when he will use his special power.

Stick to long range and close range attacks and go for melee only when Ravus has completed a combo. Refrain from sticking close to him for longer times as you might get in the range of the dark explosion. At the distance, you will have to avoid the many tentacles coming out from the ground. Blocking and parrying works well against them. Eventually the boss will be defeated. But the battle is not over yet, the monster attack that follows this is never ending.

Keep fending them off until you will be forced to leave your friends and head to the crystal. Take the first lift and get to the lower level. Run towards the gate and cross it before it closes. Take the elevator and head further down and you will arrive at the crystal chamber. Get inside the crystal and follow the dialogue sequences to conclude the chapter.

Chapter 14 – Homecoming

The first main quest in the last chapter of the game is ‘World of Ruin’. When you wake up from the slumber inside the crystal, your main goal is to head back to your friends in Hammerhead. Get of the prison and take Regis’s boat to Galdin Quay. You will encounter many monsters here. Keep cutting through the enemies and reach the main road.

Starting walking along the road on foot and you will soon encounter a friend in a truck who will pick you up and take you all the way to Hammerhead. The place will be different from before but you will find some shops here, which will have some new items. Buy items for yourself and speak with Talcott for information. You can also rest in the caravan. Once you are ready for the next quest, start heading towards Insomnia.

This is the next main quest of the chapter ‘The Cure for Insomnia’. In Insomnia, you will come across some powerful enemies. You have the option of bypassing them all except the level 72 daemon that stands guard at the entrance of the underground subway. Defeat the daemon using all your might and once it is down, explore the area and grab as many items as you can from the surrounding areas.

The next areas are pretty straightforward, continue following the paths, opening doors using levers, searching side rooms for items. Eventually you will reach the other part of the city. Kill the behemoth that you will encounter on your way to the quest marker. Open the citadel door and get inside.

Climb the stairs and you will come face to face with Ardyn who is standing with Ifrit. This marks the beginning of the first boss battle of the chapter with Ifrit. This battle has two phases. During the first phase, you must save your Ice spells and focus on using normal attacks. Astral will also be weak during the first phase.

Once Ifrit has a little bit of health left, summon Bahamut to finish it off and take the battle to the next phase. During this phase, Ifrit will be more aggressive and his flames will shine more brightly. You must use your Ice spells during this phase of the battle. You will notice that with each Ice Spell hit, the flames will die which will mean that the shields are also down. If Ifrit catches you and throws you high in the air, get ready for a QTE event.

This will be a long and tedious battle so patience is key here. Keep attacking him and lowering his health down by any means necessary. It will eventually be defeated. When the health is down to the last level, summon Shiva to finish it off. Once Ifrit is down, enter the citadel and use the elevator to reach the throne room for the final boss battle of the game.

At the top, you will confront Ardyn once again in the finale. This fight is pretty basic and does not require anything special for you to do. Stick with normal evade and counter strategy. However, keep a lookout when Ardyn uses a warp attack. Block and parry these attacks to start a QTE sequence, which deal a decent amount of damage to Ardyn. When Ardyn;s health reaches the middle marker, the battle turns into a battle of Armigers.

Keep attacking him but watch out for your own health as well. Once Ardyn’s health is almost empty, you will be back on the ground. Quickly move in, land some attacks to deplete his health and start the final QTE sequence. Once the sequence is over, you will have defeated Ardyn completing the chapter as well as the main story of the game.

This concludes our Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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