Final Fantasy 15 PC Version Is The Ultimate Version Of The Game

Apparently, Square Enix was designing the Final Fantasy 15 PC version as the ultimate version of the game, even over the various console versions. Hajime Tabata and Kenichi Shida, two of the main developers who are working on the game, sat down with RockPaperShotgun to talk about the game’s PC changes.

Considering how much more powerful a PC is over regular consoles these days, it’s no real surprise that the Final Fantasy 15 PC version has a ton of new stuff on it that wasn’t on the console versions.

From adding in all of the individual character DLC, to being the testing ground for the multiplayer “Comrades” DLC, and adding in a whole bunch of other stuff such as a first-person mode, some people might be kicking themselves for not waiting for the PC version to come out to buy the game themselves.

According to Shida, the reason that the Final Fantasy 15 PC port is the way it is is because Square Enix didn’t want it to just be a basic port; they wanted to take advantage of the additional power of the PC to put in a number of extra things. All of this also helps with the large PC fanbase, so in order to get as many people playing the game as possible, the PC version has to be more attractive than the consoles.

However, in addition to working on the Final Fantasy 15 PC version, Square Enix was also working on the more high-end versions of the game, for the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, both of which are also apparently going to be coming out soon.

Hopefully all of the stuff that’s going to be coming out for the Final Fantasy 15 PC version will eventually be coming out for the console versions too, but if you think your PC can handle it, you can buy the PC version of Final Fantasy 15 on March 6.