Final Fantasy 15 PC Errors and Fixes

Final Fantasy 15 PC version has launched, however, PC gamers have been experiencing errors and issues like sound bugs, black screen at startup, crashes, character flickering and more.

We will discuss all of the Final Fantasy 15 PC errors and issues step-by-step and will also provide you with a possible fix or workaround so that you can play the game without any problem.

Final Fantasy 15 PC Errors, Crashes and Fixes

Final Fantasy 15 is the latest entry in the franchise and following its release on consoles the game has finally released for PC through Steam, Origin, and Windows Store.

While the developers are working to resolve these issues, the following are the possible fixes and workarounds for the errors and issues that players have been experiencing.

Multi-Monitor Fix
Some PC players have reported that they have been facing a rather unusual problem with their dual-monitor setup in Final Fantasy 15 PC version, which is when they play the game it only displays on one monitor while the other monitor is blacked out.

To fix this problem, run the game on your dual-monitor setup and it will display on just one monitor. All you have to do is press “ALT + Enter” and the game will go into windowed mode and the game should be displayed on both monitors. Now you can again go into the fullscreen mode and the game will display on both monitors.

If this doesn’t work, then while the game is in windowed mode, drag the game window to your other monitor and the game should start displaying on both monitors. Then you just enable fullscreen and enjoy.

Memory Leak
Many users have reported a memory leak issue where the game would take all of your physical memory and crash after 30 minutes or an hour. To fix this issue, install the following patch in the game’s install directory:

You can also lower the TRAM setting or install an older version of your graphic card’s drivers.

Assets Option Greyed Out, 4K Texture Pack Not downloading Fix
Some PC players have been experiencing that the Assets Option in the settings is greyed out despite 4K texture pack showing as installed. Assets option is for enabling the 4K textures even if you are playing on a 1080p screen.

The reason why this option is greyed out is that the 4K textures pack is not installed and Steam might be showing you wrong info. Close the game and check the DLC and you will notice that it is not installed. Just install the pack and you will be able to enable the option.

If you are not able to download it, then just click on the game in your Steam library and in the details there will be the list of DLC for the game. Just check the box for 4K texture DLC and it will start downloading it.

Game Not Launching
Is another one of the Final Fantasy 15 PC errors that players have been experiencing. According to players, when they start the game, Steam showcases it as running while the game itself doesn’t start.

The issue might be related to your anti-virus, make sure to make an exception for the games .exe file in the anti-virus to resolve this issue.

However, even if this doesn’t resolve your issue then it might be related to DirectX or Microsoft Visual C++. Update the DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ from the “_CommonRedist” folder in the game’s install location.

As for Microsoft Visual C++, you can also update your OS and it will automatically download it. If it doesn’t then just install the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3

Also, the game might be running on your integrated GPU instead of your dedicated one. Make sure the game is using the dedicated GPU. While these steps should help you resolve the issue but, it would be good if you try these troubleshooting steps.

  • Verify the File integrity
  • Make sure the game is using your dedicated GPU
  • Run the DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ installers, located in the _CommonRedist folder in the game’s install directory.
  • Make sure your anti-virus isn’t blocking game’s .exe file
  • Update GPU drivers or roll back to a previous one
  • Update to the latest Windows
  • Disable SLI or Crossfire
  • Don’t use third-party programs that force 3D settings
  • Install the game to your default Steam folder on the C: drive

Grey Screen Fix
This issue is related to game’s display mode, to resolve it you need to run the game in Borderless Windowed mode which isn’t present in the game video options and you have to fix it through the game’s ini file. Check out our Tweaks guide for running the game in Borderless Windowed to resolve this error.

Black Screen Fix
Black Screen is usually a common occurring issue among the PC games which causes the screen to go black while you can hear the sound. To resolve this issue, press “ALT + Enter” and the game will go into windowed mode.

Sometimes, game set the resolution compared to the display’s native resolution and the screen goes black. Put the game in windowed mode and set the resolution that is native to your display and you will be able to play the game in Fullscreen mode.

Crash Fixes
Another one of the Final Fantasy 15 PC errors that PC players have been experiencing is the game crashing on higher settings even if the specs are higher than recommended specs.

The issue might be related to Nvidia GameWorks as they put a lot of strain on the system which sometimes causes the game to crash. To disable Nvidia GameWorks and the issue should resolve and you will be able to play the game at high settings.

However, your PSU (Power Supply Unit) might be the culprit behind the game crash as your PSU might not be able to supply the power demanded by the CPU and GPU at higher settings which causes the game to crash. Make sure your PSU is working properly.

Another reason why the game might be crashing is the TRAM, set is at lower settings and the game shouldn’t crash again. The reason why this issue is occurring is that there is a memory leak issue with the game.

There is another fix for the crashes in the form of the video below.

Character Flickering
Some PC players have reported that characters in the game are flickering which makes the experience annoying. To resolve this issue update your DirectX to the latest version and restart the PC and the flickering should reduce.

Cotroller Fix
Open up steam and start the “Big Picture Mode” and force enable it to work with your game. First of all, go to setting and select “In-game” and check the “Use Big Picture Overlay when using a Steam controller on Desktop”.

Start the game and open up the steam overlay by pressing “Shift + Tab” and select “Controller Configuration”. Now select Browse configs at the bottom and select “Show other Controller Types” also in the bottom.

Here you will be presented with a few options and if you want Xbox One controller to work then select the config for Xbox One and press OK when prompted and press Done. Same goes for the Xbox 360 Controller and you should be able to play with your Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller.

Audio Bugs, No Audio Fixes
There is an audio issue that is bothering PC users. According to players, the audio is not outputting right like music is randomly going in and out and sometimes the NPC’s dialogues are mute.

To fix this issues go to playback devices and select “Configure”, here select the audio channel of your headphone or speakers and press next and the issue should resolve.

As for the audio stuttering or buzzing sound issue, open up playback devices and select your default audio device and open up properties and go the “Advanced Tab”. Here will be a drop-down menu with a lot of audio options, You will have to do a trial and error and one of the options should resolve the audio stuttering and audio buzzing issue.

Stuttering And Low FPS Fix
PC version of games often fall victim to FPS drops and stuttering, however, with Final Fantasy 15 PC version, things are a little bit different.

If you are playing the game using a controller and are experiencing stuttering then remove the controller and play with mouse and keyboard since playing with controller causes stuttering in the game. Reportedly, the game constantly switches back and forth to mouse and keyboard control scheme and controller scheme which causes the game to stutter.

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