Final Fantasy 16 Will Not Be The End Of Final Fantasy 14, Next “Amazing” Arc Already In The Works

It has been more than eight years since Final Fantasy 14 was brought back from the brink of death to establish itself as one of the most popular (and respected) online role-playing games around. The individual behind that success is now reiterating support for more content which may as well cover another eight years.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine for the latest issue, director Naoki Yoshida stated that Final Fantasy 14 will continue to receive timely (or seasonal) content updates “even after Final Fantasy 16” has released.

He added that “Final Fantasy 14 is in a sense the latest Final Fantasy” in the franchise and which it will continue to be as long as the updates keeping rolling out. Yoshida here wants to assure fans that he will not be abandoning his “life’s work” anytime soon. While currently involved in producing the new Final Fantasy 16 on the side, Yoshida plans to keep working on more content to keep Final Fantasy 14 fresh for both newcomers and veterans in the long run.

The new Endwalker expansion will be arriving somewhere in fall to conclude a narrative which began back in 2013. Yoshida noted that he felt there was no need to “really drag” the storyline any more because then “people would be really sick of it.” What the online community would be really happy to know is that Endwalker will leave just enough room to kick-start a brand new story arc for Final Fantasy 14. Yoshida has hence already started working on the next great narrative which may possibly cover years of seasonal expansions in similar fashion.

“We do have a sense of trust with our fans over these ten years that really does play a big part [in] motivating us,” said Yoshida. “It would be a different story if they don’t want to continue on this ride together. But as long as the fans are continuing to express their support, that’s really assuring. We can leverage our trust with the fans and continue providing an amazing experience by working on this title.”

Final Fantasy 14 will be the first game in the franchise to natively land on PlayStation 5. Square Enix will be hosting an open beta in early April and existing owners will be able to upgrade their PS4 copy to PS5 without any charge.

Final Fantasy 16 on the other hand has received no release date but speculations are pegging hopes on a release in late 2021.

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