Final Fantasy 13-2 (QTE) Cinematic Bonuses Guide

Bonus and Rewards Scavengers should pay attention as there is still a lot to grab in Final Fantasy 13-2. Quick Time Events in Final Fantasy 13-2 if executed perfectly can earn you bonuses as we will explain below in this Final Fantasy 13-2 QTE Cinematic Bonuses guide.

The problem is that these QTEs aren’t abundant in the game (only 5 of them) and you can miss them easily.

To make things easy for you, the following short guide will tell you about the locations of these quick-time events and how you can earn bonus rewards by executing perfectly. If you manage to get all 5 of them, you will also unlock the Achievement/Trophy “Trigger Finger”

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Final Fantasy 13-2 QTE Cinematic Bonuses

Paradox Alpha – Episode 2 (Bresha Ruins AF005)
First Sequence: Leftstick Right
Second Sequence: Leftstick Right, Leftstick Up, X/A
Third Sequence: Press A as fast as you can

Reward: A Fragment Crystal

Atlas – Episode 2 (Bresha Ruins AF005)
Leftstick Right, Circle/B, Leftstick Right, X/A, Leftstick Right, X/A, Lefstick Right, X/A

Reward: Silver Gear

Royal Ripeness – Episode 3 (Sunleth Waterscape AF300)
First Sequence: Square/X
Second Sequence: Leftstick Up, Square/X, Sqaure/X (press it as fast as you can), Circle/B (press it as fast as you can), Leftstick Right.

Reward: Crystal Heart

Zenobia – Episode 4 (Academia AF400)
Lefstick Up, Leftstick Left + Circle/B, Lefstick Right + Circle/B, Lefstick Right, X/A (press it as fast as you can)

Reward: Crystal Petal

Proto Fal’Cie Adam – Episode 4 (Augusta Tower AF200)
Part 1: Leftstick Right, Leftstick Up, Leftstick Right + Circle/B, X/A (press it as fast as you can) + Leftstick Right, X/A (press it as fast as you can).

Reward: Crystal Apple

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